Do you remember domestic problems?

.........................................DOMESTIC PROBLEMS

Adam was walking outside of the Garden of Eden with Cane and Abel when the boys were young.

Cane and Abel looked into the garden and viewed the waterfalls, lovely birds, lush forests and fruit trees bending over because of the large amount of fruit on them.

They took a long look at where they lived at. It was dry ,dusty with weeds and sickly-looking trees.

''Daddy? Why don't we live in there instead of out here?'' they asked innocently'

Adam said ''Well sons, Eve and I used to live there at one time.

But your mother ate us out of house and home.''



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  • I like it :)

  • Nice one :-)

  • Ha ha ha, he he he, better not show it to hubby though - it just might make his day! :-) Alison

  • Good as always King xxx

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