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Do you use fostair??

Hi everyone

I've not been on for a while mainly due to the summer hols and not suffering too much with my health.

I have been diagnosed with osteopenea and have started tablets to protect my bones, are many of you on those? One of the things that may help is moving from seretide 125 to fostair.

Do you have any experience of fostair?


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Sorry you gone, never heard of it. Hopefully someone will be along soon who can help you. :-) Alison



Ive used fostair for a few years but the consultant has just changed me back to Qvar.

I was taking 4 puffs twice a day but I found it made me cough too much! So I was having 2 puffs then more or less coughing the other 2 up. As a steroid inhaler it sort of worked but I keep getting lung infections which exacerbates the asthma ( I have bronchiectasis ).

Hope this helps you

Keep smiling ;-)


Interesting, I have bronchiectasis too. Had 4 inf this year which is huge improvement as has 18 in 18 months b4 that. I really don't want to go backwards.

I might give it a go as need less steroids cos of my bones. Be interested to hear more opinions x



My Consultant switched me from Symbicort 400, x2 puffs am and 2pm

To Fostair last September, Taking x4 puffs am and another 4 pm.

I soon began to suffer from regular bouts of Oral Thrush despite lots of rinsing, antibiotics cleared this up until it returned again.

Taking Fostair has made a slight improvement to my breath strength when blowing into the meter but nothing else, I still suffer from shortness of breath, fatigue etc, etc.

I still get Chest Infections same as before and the Oral Thrush comes and goes but always returns again, now have a hoarse voice and a weight increase!

*If I stop taking Fostair for a couple of days my voice returns to normal and my weight drops a little.

Don't think that Fostair is improving/has improved my Chest condition much at all, at least Symbicort did not give me any side effects!

nb: Antibiotics no longer prescribed by my GP to cure oral thrush anymore, an alternative drug is but this gave me very painful Gastric problems, I was then prescribed a third drug to combat this!

I have not had any problems with coughing as some people have reported.




I think I might stay as I am. My peak flow is amazing- around 600 and I have dropped strength of seretide already. I am croaky but with bronchiectasis I often am. Already have side affects- bones thinning- so don't want any more.

Thank you both for your help, it has helped.


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