feeling sorry for myself :( (no lungs involved)

It's 48 hours now, it'll pass I'm sure. I'll just keep taking the tablets.

My back hurts so much I can hardly move. Overdid it (I think that's all).

Poor Fred is getting short shrift on the walk front. I must motivate myself to take him out again & walk to Boots to get some Ibruprofen gel, wonder if it does any good.

Sorry to moan when I know others are worse off (and someone was grumbling the other day about whingers).

Ah well, onwards & upwards & off this sofa. Ouch

On the upside, I managed to get down to the street when the ice cream van came around.

Mr Whippy you helped - for 5 minutes P

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  • Really sorry you are so down Peeg and in pain. Poor Fred - still I am sure he will still give you that wonderful unconditional love doggies always give you. I had cortisone injection yesterday at arth clinic so feel a bit like you, except I can't have the ice cream 'cos the IVs in hospital have buggered up my abdo and I can't face food at the mo.

    I think you've done well hun getting out for the ice cream and I hope you really enjoyed it and hope you managed to get out to Boots. I didn't see the post grumbling about whingers, but I suppose you could say the were whinging also. We all need a pity party now and again and the support lifts us and we bounce back.

    Hope you feel better soon hun.

    Love cx

  • aw thanks Cofdrop. I'm very sorry to hear you're more in the wars than me!

    Hope you soon feel much better & get your appetite back. You take care Missus xxx

  • No no I'm not in the wars more than you at all hun. Just meaning I can empathise how draining it can all make you feel, but we are pretty resilient and hopefully you will soon feel in a better space.

    love cc

  • Hang on, Peeg, nothing wrong in having a moan, and we will listen. Husband has suffered with back pain. We have tried the gel to some effect. Have you tried a bath? What caused the bad back. You can buy those back massagers that fit into a chair.

    All the best - love annieseed.

  • Thanks Annie. A bright idea a bath which reminded me: hot water bottle alternated with icepack..I got some fresh new gel which I shall use right now xx

  • Hang on, Peeg, nothing wrong in having a moan, and we will listen. Husband has suffered with back pain. We have tried the gel to some effect. Have you tried a bath? What caused the bad back. You can buy those back massagers that fit into a chair.

    All the best - love annieseed.

  • Well done in your mission to get that Mr Whippy. I have recently been laid up with a bad back and found that resting wasn't helping so I got up and moved around. The more I moved the better it got and now its only a bit painful in the mornings. Take Fred for a walk to boots and that will probably help even if it is only the effects of the ibruprofen you buy when you get there.

    Good luck on mission 'Boots'

    I'm off to find a mr Whippy now and its all your fault. :)

  • Tony, you're right of course, walking is less painful than sitting. I shoild set the alarm & get up every half hour. Time flies when you open the BLF & before you know it you've lost 2 hours of your life!

    The Ibruprofen gel was on the bottom shelf in Boots, naturally, then there were several to choose from so I was down there for a while.

    A couple of lotto tickets (and a lemon drizzle cake, breaking all my rules today) , more paracetamol & Saturdays Times will see me through now.

    I hope you didn't find Mr whippy Tony, I dont want to lead you into temptation after your recent weight loss success.

  • No, :( Mr Whippy is in hiding today as the sun hasn't shone.

    Keep moving and that back will get better.

    Tony x

  • Hello Peeg, and well done you for managing even the shortest of walks with how painful your back must be. I take it Fred's the handsome chap in the photo; so glad you have him for company.

    Really sorry you have this to cope with -main thing is to ease it as much as possible...how about Voltorol gel - a bit expensive but can be effective, and warmth, like from heat pad or hot water bottle? (they remind me of childhood years... all warm and cosy). :)

    Let us know how you're managing and look after yourself. Sending warmest regards, Lovelight xxx

  • aw thank you Lovelight. You're very kind. I've got the ice pad on so next stop hottie bottie. Then beddie byes xxxx ... oh and yes that's Fred in the phot (I'm sure some think it's me)! Was taken when he was one, 6 years ago. Now he's a poor old thing with arthritis in his hips and a bionic right hind knee. He's a lovely boy :)

  • Hi Peeg, you moan if you want to. Sorry you are in pain. Have you tried a Tens machine. The wife suffers with back ache and it works for her. Not sure if it is the same kind of pain but I thought mention it. Hope it eases soon and you can take your dog for a walk. Look after yourself.

  • Hi freckboy! where did you get that name?

  • Hi, I just made it up. It is half of where I live and "boy". Bit silly really but there you go.

  • ok, its just its my surname, thats all :)

  • What a coincidence HaHa

  • is that Suffolk or Norfolk?

  • Sorry don't understand

  • no worries, I thought Freck or Freckland was somewhere in East Anglia

  • i guess its Frecklington? no Freck in East Anglia, apart from me :)

  • I moan, I moan and I'll moan again, moan, moan. moan is the name of my game. You moan at me and I'll moan to you,moan. moan. moan it's all the same playing the moaning game.

    Happy days


  • thank you everyone. It's right what they say "a problem shared......"

    Walking IS better that sitting about for sure. Fred's been out. Not so guilty now.

    Then i got some more gel to put on (they put them on the bottom shelf to torture us & make it very tricky toget up), a borrowed ice pack is freezing, hottie bottie cooking my lower back, lemon drizzle cake (half gone) makes me very happy, also the paper....... I bumped into a friend in the park (he wrote the last edition of BBC's New Tricks, please watch, the ratings count apparently) lovely to speak to a human being as well as the dog, got some stuff to make chicken casserole (hopeless at cooking for 1 usually), I managed to insult nice man playing with child in the park. I only said go on, faster Grandpa (he must have been the daddy).

    Ah well, another day nearly over.

    It's gone chilly here and starting to rain slightly. That's a bonus because I wont have to water the garden..................

  • yes, Michael Crompton. last Tuesday was his 1st one for them, if the ratings are good they'll give him more. He also does some Silent Witness, Poirot & used to do some old Midsomer Murders although I will ask him if he's doing the new ones. I get the gen on the actors, who's a diva etc .....

    I've just watched Rabbit Proof Fence, I'.ve always wanted to see that. Amazing story ... and I think my back might be on the mend or I'd never have been able to sit through it with laptop on a cushion on my lap. YAY

  • I like new tricks as well,& most of those shows you mentioned.

    Glad you enjoyed Rabbit proof fence,it's just been reconciliation day here,so they're showing some of those movies! xx

  • Hi Peeg

    Sorry your in pain. I don't know if will help you because I have fybromyalgia, so my pain is muscular and I've tried all the Ibulieve, ect over the counter pain killing gels and they just don't work. My life saving cream is called muscle Rub from poundland. It's brilliant. Morrisons' used to charge £2.99 for it but have replaced it with their own brand.

    I couldn't get any at poundland for months and was really upset about it. I thought it had been dicontinued. Then last month, it suddenly reappeared so I bought 2. Heaven.

    I'm going to stock up. x


  • ah yippie, I'll look for some thank you :)

  • Hi peeg, sorry you have not been well and in pain. Lots of suggestions given to you. Hope something works. About moaning, peeg. No one on here moans. There are times whe n we need to offload to friends. That's why we are here, to give support and recommend options. Being boring or whingeing may be in the ear of the beholder, not the person talking to friends! Get better soon. :-) :-) Alison

  • bless you, night night xxxx

  • Night, night peeg. I hope to be dropping off soon but it won't happen until next door's party winds down :-) Alison

  • Big hug to you Peeg,so sorry you have been in the wars,do hope things are better by now.You are quite entitled to have a 'winge' please don't feel guilty about it,I'm sure we all do from time to time,& isint it nice to see the support from our friends?!

    We have all been there,at one time or another.

    When you have your bath, put some Epsom salts in,that gives a bit of relief I've found.

    Well you're probably in the land of nod now.Its about 11.30am. Over here,I'm sitting out on the patio,brilliant winters day,24c, watching the lorikeets gobbling up the seed I put out,& trying to catch up with the posts here!

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you,

    Love Wendells xxxx

  • Wendells - Yes, it really is lovely to see the support here, lovely lovely people. I can just imagine the warmth, on your patio, the sounds over there. 24c is just about perfect.

    The back is less painful today to my great relief.

    Where abouts are you (I recall you've said before but I forget). I've only been to Sydney, Perth & Cairns (got my Padi). My first sailing ever was down the Hawksbury north of Sydney and I loved it all. This was 19 years ago.

    Great you get the Brit programmes, can you get the latest. I will tell my scriptwriter friend that you enjoy over there, I know he'll be dead chuffed.

    Let me know when you're up & I'll post a photo for you (then delete it PDQ because I'm shy!!)

  • Oh Peegs,what lovely places you were at over here,the Hawkesbury river!is delightful,we used to love going to the National park,when we lived in Sydney.

    We have lived on the Gold Coast,for about the last 20 years & love it.

    Our daughter was up in Cairns,for a couple of years,& we used to love going there,you wouldent believe the changes there now!

    Yes it is great we get those shows over here,how interesting having that friend being a writer,tell him they all go down well here,much prefer them to the American ones!

    Be brave & put your pic up! Nobody will bite you!!

    Hope you're better soon,

    Love Wendells xxx

  • to Wendells - the National Park? Is that The Botanical Gardens? We loved it there and had a lovely romantic walk through & down to the Opera House. Oh the views! Fond memories.

    Avalon, that's where my friends brother with the boat lived.Just near Scot Island.

    From Cairns we had a couple of days in the rain forest, riding, rounding up cattle. A great little adventure :D

    I'm going to to put a pic up in a mo - for about 5 mins I haven't got many pics of myself as I hate having pic taken

  • Aww Peeg that was so lovely,don't know why you don't like your pic taken!Sorry didint reply sooner,having trouble with my iPad,luckily resolved now.

    The national park,abounds the Hawkesbury,but you're right about the Botanical gardens,they are in a heavenly place aren't they?With the best of views.Avalon is a very popular location now.

    Well I'd best be off to sleep,I'm sure I will be dreaming of those places,

    Love Wendells xxx

  • ah, then I saw lots of the National Park on the sail. We dropped anchor sometimes and went ashore to climb up to isolated waterfalls. Was so lovely, I was very lucky. loved Sydney with a passion. Night night, sleep tight & sweet dreams xxx

  • Just out of interest,tried to Post

    this at 11.30,finally made it at 1pm!!!!

    Was the site down,for some reason??

  • Aww Peeg, your having a hard time of it right now but you know it will pass. In the mean time you whinge and whine as often as you like that's what we're here for. In the good times and the bad.

  • Thanks Nanaber, good old BLF to the rescue, lots of lovely people on here with kind words & encouragement got me through a sore day.

    This morning is much less painful which is such a relief to be on the mend thought I was going to be stuck like it. XX

  • Peeg, hun the one thing we can be sure of in this life is nothing last for ever. When I'm going through a bad patch I say to myself over and over "this too will pass" " nothing last for ever". You'd be surprise how much comfort to can get from saying that and knowing that it's true.

    I'm glad it's starting to ease out this morning , this time next week it will be just a bad memory.

    Have a good day xx

  • thanks copdber, you're right, I'm a great believer in mind over matter. We can train our brains by repeating msgs to it & positive thinking.

    Have a lovely day. I've taken painkiller and off to meet a Cheltenham friend who's in London for a few hours. Meeting in Vauxhall near the River and the sun is shining :)

  • Hope you had a good day Peeg

  • :) thank you. I did, did you?

    I knackered now. Off to Amersham after the rush hour so that I wake up at daughter & granddaughter's in the morning. Helping get ready for new baby & a bit of painting (packing the paracetamol extras) xx

  • hi Stitch, thanks for asking. The pain is deffo easier today. It's such a relief, I thought it might be something that would take over. Hoping it's just temporary. I know I totally overdid it recently including manhandling a freezer up a flight of stairs last sunday & loads of other stuff I shouldn't have. Taught me a lesson - not as young, strong or fit as I am in my head. The brain takes a while to catch up with reality.

    do you sleep with your dog?

    At my daughters Wednesday night I slept on the floor with mine & he woke me up a dozen times with his sighing, snoring, snuffling & shifting around! He has to sleep in the kitchen at home, I'm mean!


  • Hope you are feeling better today Peeg and you enjoyed your visit with friend in Vauxhall.

    You definitely did, NOT very back friendly things, with manhandling freezing up flight of stairs and all. Always remember to be kind to Peeg's back :)

  • I know I was a wally. Learnt my lesson with a vengeance!

    We walked all along Southbank. Had boiled eggs n soldiers for brunch, over Millenium Bridge & back along Embankment, into the church at Westminster (St Margrets I think). The Abbey was £18 to get in so not today thank you...... then home to the dog.

    You have a good evening. I'm off to Amersham now. xx

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