Lets all stick together, No More Leavers Please!!!

Lets all stick together, No More Leavers Please!!!

Were all here to help each other and ourselves too so what's to gain by leaving. If there is a problem then stay and help sort it out I say. This can only be to the benefit of us all.

Maybe its just me but I only see the good that comes from being a Healthunlocked'er.

Come on all you Healthunlocked people, lets be proud of our little club thing we have going here and work together to improve it.

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  • Well said Dall05, that's a good photo of you that you downloaded, it's nice to see who we are talking to

  • I really admire people brave enough to put a picture of themselves up - I can only manage my dog! (he's better looking than me anyway :D)

  • Yes that's me I'm afraid, in the back garden on the end of my long life support oxygen hose. I wish the sun was shinning today like it was that day. Oh well at least there's a bit of football to listen too later.

    Come on Hereford!!!


  • At last the voice of reason and common sense, thanks Tony. Hereford ! spent some time there as RAF conscript many years ago - happy memories. Enjoy your footie this afternoon. Best Regards.

  • Hi GDB, Were playing Hyde this afternoon away so I'll tune into the BBC sport commentary's site and listen in. Your right a little reason and common sense can go a long way. Hereford is growing in size but its still a nice city with a good football history.


  • Hi grandadbrian, my dad trained there for the jungles of Burma in the second world war! Very similar?????? He was trained in how to look after his mule in Ross-on-Wye! Amazing! :-) :-) Alison

  • My dad trained in North Wales to prepare for the Malian conflict. Well North Wales is very similar to the Malian Jungle isn't it. Ha Ha :)

  • Hi stitch, amazing! Yeah, army. My dad used a flame thrower.

  • Hi Alison not similar really my time at Hereford was in . late fifties.Your dad would have had a much harder time than me.

  • I'm with you on that Dall05.

  • Hi Tony, dont worry too much. Some people dont like change, some evolve on to somewhere else.

    Sometimes I wonder if there's a group who've got together & started their own blog where they can banter, bicker, natter to their hearts content.

    Hopefully the lovely ones will come back when they realise they're missed, cared about and their opinions valued.

    As long as YOU stick around to keep inspiring us!! xx :D

  • Hi Tony, Well said, we want the newcomers to feel they can turn to us for help and support what sort of message are we showing now with people leaving as they are joining. Looks like I will have to jump on my bike come over the border and start knocking on some doors, MC

  • Steady on MC, get rid of them horrible shingle's first and then come down and 'SORT IT'. Tell you what, you do the North and I'll do the South, we should be done by 2020.

  • What sort of message were we sending to newcomers when there was all that unpleasantness.

    I see an increase in newbys since then. OPen the door wide and offer them a cup of tea!!!

  • Yes peeg, I'm sure some will return eventually, we'll how can they stay away from people like us eh. :)

  • yeah, right Tony, what's the matter with them!! (I hope they're alright though, especially Chris) xx

    BTW I was looking at different, clean places to move to the other day (bit scarey moving somewhere strange on your own). I looked at Malvern and was reminded how lovely it is. Lucky you :) I have spent much time there in the past & could see the Malverns from our house in Cheltenham - on a clear day. .In London now & I think that's probably why I've poorly lungs. Should have stayed out West eh?

  • That's right peeg you can see Cheltenham from the top of the Malvern's on a clear day. I guess the air quality isn't as good with all the traffic down in London so maybe a move up our way would be a good move. Of course the hills around here are a bit of a problem with lung problems but they also give you a dam good workout too.


  • Well, we are pretty wonderful, aren't we, or you are!!!

  • Here,here! Peeg & young Tony! (yes I'm crawling Tony lol!)

    I too are so sad,lovely people have left,however respect there decision.Hopefully some may come back.

    The aim of it all,is to support & help each other,we may not always agree,but surely are big enough to accept we are all individuals.

    Loved the pic Tony,come Peeg, put a pic of yourself up,I did previously,then decided the dog was more cute lol! xxxx

  • Thanks for the Young bit wendells, I've alway's liked you but now I really like you. :) . What you say is absolutely right though, we are all different but we have a common interest, none of us are that healthy and that should bring us together not push us apart.

    I like being a Healthunlocked'er especially when there's people like you and peeg in it too.

    Tony xx :)

  • er, what about young me then ? ? i did put a picture up for about 10 seconds Wendells before I chickened out & deleted it :)

  • Oh young Peeg!! Wouldent hurt your feelings for the world,only I did owe our Tony a compliment!!

    Where's the photo?? Don't chicken out next time naughty girl! xxx

  • hi dallas I went Portugal 4 month ago.went to mount Fatima shrine,brought holy watr back,as a rc its a once in a lifetime there,but been Portugal many times clean air 24 7,not like hear rubbish full of pollution,take care

  • I wonder if the cleaner air means that they don't get as much lung disease there. Did the holy water bring any miracles with it?

  • hi dallas the air and apartments are clean better for lung problems I had no trouble the time I was there no inhaler use at all felt different like I use do be fore got copd.walked daily to town an villages was hot but didn't bother me,there was a few there from Ireland Scotland and uk with copd,they go every year and have no problems with breathing,so think uk as bad pollution cars buse vans juggernauts weather etc,all ad up wen u think,i had childhood illnesses whoopin cough measles pheomia meninjitus smokers household mill worker 23 yr,never smoked a lot and didn't start till was 20,but stopped an started over the years,never more than 10 a week,so not all smoking I think,take care,if I won the lottery wud emigrate there

  • Maybe we should all get up and go right now. :) It sounds great.

  • hi dallas u never been there,if I won lottery wud take the lot of u ,truth,hear in Oldham cold wind an rain 2day ,an alf got copd its a mill town most have gne now but was loads mills hear,2 of my friends have copd bad and never smoked,take care

  • Hurry up and win that lottery then as winter is just around the corner. Ha Ha. Your right about smoking not being the only cause of lung disease. I've never smoked but have got Pulmonary Fibrosis from somewhere?

    There's no mills around here but I'm sure its a major factor around your way.

    Tony If it helps its wet and windy down here also in Malvern.

  • hi dallas do lottery weekly,an ye winter coming soon but feels like its come today lashing down now

  • how did you get water through customs it must be HOLY

  • hi sachmo.at the mount theres 4 small plastic containers all see through in a plastic pouch that's see through to,customs allow that,take care

  • I see u have been taken of raperprozle why.my new gp as me on them ,ad omerpromozl for 9yr stopped workin then laprezole which did nothing that was ex gp,new gp pu me on raper/ive been ok,

  • There are some who have left that I will miss and hope for their return. We are all human (I hope!) and sometimes will disagree with each other. As long as this is done politely and with respect then no harm done and knowledge grows. Sometimes though reading is not as clear as listening and the wrong message is received. This is when we need to keep our temper and sense of humour and just smile whilst giving others the benefit of the doubt. xx

  • agree toci,read wat u want ignore wat u want,no harm there,why complain we are all in same boat,think sometime the ppls illness can be taking its toll so happen they write something on a bad day but like I say read whatever an ignore whatever,take care were are human,

  • I have no argument with what you say Toci. Unfortunately this didn't always happen in the past with the result that too many good people have left.

    Bev x

  • That is why we need to work harder for the future, Bev. Getting along and helping each other as best we can. x

  • Well said Toci! xx

  • Well said dall and everyone, just popped in to say I'm still here but not been on much because hubby is still unwell it takes me longer to look after him and myself than it used to but we are getting there. Great pic dall, I'll try and get mine on one day...

  • I'm sorry to here your having a tough time of it zube, I hope your hubby's health improves so you also get an easier time of it too. Its hard work caring for someone, especially when your not well yourself.

    Good to here from you and we all look forward to the pic.

    Tony x

  • I quite agree I'm surprised so many people have left the site I find it very helpful.

    I've not seen any messages from Gordon has he left the site? He was always very helpful


  • I'm one older hand still around, but not been on much as I'm in hospital, nothing to do with lungs either. I will post again when I'm home xx

    Lynne xx

  • Sorry to hear you're not too well at the mo Lynne. I hope you will soon be back to your smiling self. Take care. :-)

  • The Malvern Hills walk is still waiting to be done when your ready Lynne. Most people could choose a better place than hospital for their summer holiday's but you would struggle to get it cheaper. :)

    Tony xx

  • Must be like the old Butlins (never been myself) but hard narrow beds, woken up at the crack of dawn, folk looking at your knobbly knees, everyone eating at the same time. Need I say more? The only difference are the white coats instead of the red, unless ..... No won't go there. :-)

  • Get well soon, Lynne. x

  • Hope you're not in too long, Lynne.

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery Lynne. best wishes to you xxxx Pen

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