Golden Wedding milestone


I have just noticed that it is past midnight so it is now my husband and my golden wedding anniversary (yes I was a child bride - just 19 and my husband just 21). We are going out for a really nice lunch tomorrow ( at least I hope so - had to cancel my birthday lunch at the last moment because I felt too poorly)

I must admit I had hoped we would go away for a few days but do not really feel up to it at the moment and have had to cancel two holidays in the past because of health.

Anyway - when I was first told I had pulmonary fibrosis just over three years ago and told the prognosis was a 'few years' I told myself that I was going to do everything I could to make it this far.

In reality this illness was rather a shock - I quite expected it to be me looking after my husband, rather than the way it actually is. Still my lovely husband does not complain - and today I remember that promise we both made all those years to love and care for each other in 'sickness and in health'. You can never tell what the future will hold - but I think it is important to try to look on the positive side!


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  • Hi Maggie, Congratulations on reaching this Magic Milestone in your lives, we hope you stay pain free to enjoy your special day, Matt & Fran

  • Hi Matt and Fran

    Thank you very much. Think I had better get off to bed - need all the beauty sleep I can muster these days!!


  • Happy anniversary Maggie. I also married at 19, it seemed to be the done thing at the time. I hope you and hubby have many more happy years together, just to prove the prognosis to have been pessimistic. x

  • Hi Maggie hope you enjoy your special day. We were married at the same age as you both were though we have just had our 52nd anniversary. Hope you start to feel a little better. Joyce

  • Happy anniversary Maggie. Hope you have a lovely day. Looking forward to hearing how you are going to celebrate many more. :-) :-) Alison

  • Hi Happy Anniversary to you both have a lovely day, we all seem to have got married when we was 19 our big day is 3 weeks time we are of to Turkey then , once again have a great day lol xxx

  • Many congratulations, Maggie. And there was me thinking that the 44 in you name was your age! :-)

  • Congratulations Maggie.I married at 18 and my husband was 23.I envy you reaching 50 years unfortunately I was widowed 7 years ago.


  • Yes know how you must feel,I was married at 19,but sadly widowed 15years ago,after 31 great years

  • Very happy anniversary to you and husband - people exclaim when I tell them how long I have been married - 1958 - 55 years come October and I was older than you. My sister wins the "race" - she married young -68 years - blows my mind with them.

    It is a sad fact that the majority of my friends are widowed so we, us, all should be lucky. Love Annieseed xxx

  • Congratulations and have a really good day.

    Janet xxx

    I was lucky I at least managed to celebrate my Pearl Anniversary :)

    (I wonder how many getting married today will celebrate their Golden Wedding)

  • Wow Maggie huge congratulations to you and your dh on your golden wedding anniversary. Hope you both have a lovely lunch and manage to get away for a break soon.

    Love cx

  • Congratulations and happy anniversary to maggie and hubby, enjoy your day

  • CONGRATULATIONS Maggie, hope you're having a really lovely day :D

  • Happy Anniversary to you both and have a wonderful day. Pete and I celebrate 40 years in November. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I hope your day's wonderful.You both deserve it.


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  • Congratulations to you both, Do hope that you both have a wonderful day out,xx

  • Congratulations on you golden wedding anniversary, stay positive and good luck xx

  • Congratulations Maggie to you and Hubby. I too was married at 19 but unfortunately it never lasted. I left him after 5 years. However I found a lovely replacement a couple of years later and we have now been together for 41 years and married for 38. What Jandan says is quite true, the young ones these days don't last. Well done Maggie. Take care. Cheryl xxxxx

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