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Reading group?

I am suggesting that it might be fun to have a 'reading group' here.... lots here read a lot, as it don't take no breath to read!! This would basically involve an agreed reading list of two or three books a month and discussion about them (I know books are very expensive and some under the cosh of punitive benefits would find it impossible .... I think a bit of creative thinking could get around it.... I have some ideas!!)

If you would be interested or have ideas about how it could run please message me.

Beth aka Ripley xx

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Not for me Beth. Too busy doing other things but a marvellous idea'


Your daily tonic


I think it is a great idea and hope you can work out the details. xx


I get most of my books from the library. I often order books if what I want is not in stock.


I love this idea :) One of the things I miss most is the Book Club I used to belong to. I must admit books are one of my weaknesses and I currently have 3 on the go one murder, one funny (chick lit) and one a bit more serious.


Well that's seems to be enough to get it off the ground, Toci, Stitch, Jandan and Laig. I was thinking that once we have picked a few books to start with, could have a shared message area, for each book, if that makes sense, we could then message under the title of the book we were reading would save finding old posts. We could then re post at intervals to see if others would like to join.

Anyway, my first suggestion ..... Gulliver's Travels, read it when very very young, did not get any of the satire and would like to's portrayed as a children's book, but I think actually isn't. what suggestions do you have?

Let me know your ideas and thoughts

Beth xx


Hi Stitch

I think kindle or anything absolutely fine... as few 'rules' as pos I think

I will message some people tomorrow and put out another post . I think it needs to be kept reasonably informal ... for book lovers as it were, so that we can include people who want to just tell about the books they like, share comments on books some of us agree to read, suggest books or just read others comments.

I don't want to go down the 'teacher route' .... (tho second nature!!) of ... you have two weeks to read these , reports to be between xxx and xxx words long, please ref all quotes etc etc.

Toci has messaged me to the effect that the thought of being expected to read and report back makes her too anxious to join in. I think you and I ...once a teacher always a teacher ... find this sort of thing a lot less stressful than many others.

So I am going to post again tomorrow and set up a message shared between a few of us ... I do hope this can work and not upset people .... I know I would love to be able to discuss literature with like minded people now and then

Please let me know what you think






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