Hi folks, this is a new one ( or two ), on me , following an emergency admission to a London hospital in which I was gasping for breath,

my Consultant wrote in a letter to my GP, ( sending me a copy), that I " HAD AN AREA OF SUBSEGMENTAL COLLAPSE POSTERIOR OF THE HEART " ( THOUGHT "POSTERIOR" was me backside !!, AND he now suspects I have " BRONCHIECTASIS " , and has arranged for a "CAT Scan to shed some light on my condition, any good folks know what on earth these two means ? - lots of thanklies for any offers !! - Vittorio.

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  • I wouldn't dare try to guess this Vittorio, much too complicated for a layman I would think. Sorry. It is a shame that the helpline is closed for the weekend.

  • Hi

    I have googled your question and with a bit of science knowledge (I AM NOT A GP..... SO COULD HAVE INTERPRETTED THE INFO WRONG) .... think that this means that a part (small section) of a lung, position to the rear, ie behind heart, has collapsed.....ie no air getting through to this section. This appears to be quite common and is not in itself life threatening. I assume(if I am correct) that this is due to your obstructive condition ...Bronchiectasis .....apparently this and other obstructive diseases can cause partial lung collapse.

    I am sure you would not have been discharged if there were serious concerns ..... take care, relax and see the medics on Monday...and if you feel bad, go back to A&E, that's what the NHS is for ....if we don't use it we will definitely lose it!!

    All the best and remember I may be wrong here ... just giving it my best shot

    Beth xx

  • - Endless thanklies ripley and Toci ! - got my CAT Scan in two weeks, so hope all will be revealed , my Consultant calls lungs "Little Sods with minds of their own " ! - may have a point - there certainly keeping him and me guessing !!...

  • That's how I interpreted it too ripley, although it would of course be best Vittorio to get your GP to explain or 'phone consultant's secretary.

    Have I understood your pos tcorrectly that this is also the first you have heard of bronchiectasis and that you have not yet been diagnosed, and that is why they are doing the ct scan?

    love cx

  • YUSH ! thanks cofdrop !- Vittorio.

  • Good luck with the results of the ct scan. You already have a consultant - just make sure if you don't understand anything to ask him/her to explain it again. It might be helpful to make a list of questions you have for con - in bullet point form or you won't get through them in the short time you have in there. If you don't mind someone else in with you it might be helpful as they may pick up things cons said which you miss. Personally I prefer to do all that stuff on my own, unless I am having a procedure, but we're all different.

    Good luck

    Love cx

  • Hi Vittorio, I have Bronchiectasis as well as Pulmonary Fibrosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The PF is caused by the RA, but Bronchiectasis apparently is little pockets that form round the edge of the lung. These pockets get full of mucus and we have to do a little exercise every morning to clear them ( just a bit of heavy breathing which enables us to get the mucus up and spit it out making breathing easier and coughing less) or finish up with another chest infection. Not very pleasant but it works. Good luck with the scan, take care. Forgot to say I thought Posterior was my backside too lol,


  • on the bright side, when you have an emergency like this you at least get seen by experts quite soon. It's great you have a consultant already and booked for a CT scan - it took me 3 years!

    I get the result of my 1st CT scan on 2nd September :) .a diagnosis hopefully.

    Someone at my PR (Pulmonary Rehab, very very good if you can get a referal) had had a collapsed lung & rushed to the hospital, the 1st she knew anything was seriously wrong.

    Good luck to you, peeg

  • Hi Peeg, lots of thanks for your reply, wow! THREE YEARS WAIT TO GET A CT SCAN , I understand they cost £350.00 EACH, perhaps they were saving up just for you, ! - no wonder the NHS Budget is colossal. GOOD LUCK WITH THE RESULTS.. To coin a phrase - " We're all in it together " !! .

  • 350 squid? Is that all? If I'd known I would have got the money together myself & it would have cut out the middle man with his umpteen pneumonias & infections grrrr.

    It was consultant who wouldn't let me have one. Then I refused to see him any more, saw a registrar instead who immediately said why haven't you had a CT scan Ms Peeg, have you refused one? She got me one straight away. Roll on 2nd Sept.

    All good luck to you too, let us know how you get on Vittorio

  • I was put in for a CT scan for my heart in which they would use trace(Iodine) However I am allergic to Iodine (BP Drops to my toes) and they had to change that to an MRI and use a special fluid which was £500.00 a bag I had 3 ( Sorry NHS)

  • Hi Offcut ! - lots of thanklies for your message - Blimey !, no wonder the NHS Bill is so colossal, seems to me the Companies that make Medicines and the like are onto a nice little earner! still , as long as it helps you, thats the main thing.Had a visit from the Community Nurse yesterday, she did'nt know what a " Subsegmental collapse posterior of the heart " was! - " - hopefully, all will be revealed at the Hosi in a couple of weeks for the CT Scan . Good luck ! . - "We're all in it together" .,...! - Vittorio

  • I know what you mean I was tested for Anderson Farby and my doctor had never heard of it. But to be fair neither had I :)

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