219 steps to good health

219 steps to good health

You see those steps behind me in the photo, well there are exactly 219 of them. I had to stop around 5 times on the way up, shifted what must have been a gallon of gunk off my chest and then carried on the other side of the Malvern Hills another 2 miles to my Dads house which thank god is down hill most of the way.

My friend who walked with me didn't have to call the air ambulance but I did have him quite worried at times. Ha Ha

Tony :)

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  • 4 Steps and I would have been done in.Tony


  • Yes King' but its only '3 steps to heaven' en' it. Well that's what Eddie Cochran say's I believe.

  • And 'You will plainly see' that after three steps that's where I would be!

  • Best go 2 at a time just in case eh' King. Heaven is no place for our No 1 Entertainer. Your far more use to us all down here at the minute. :)

  • Wow that's such an inspiration! Right tomorrow it's on with the waterproofs and I'm off for a walk . :-)

  • Your gonna need them waterproofs looking at the weather forecast. Maybe we'll go singing in the rain together tomorrow' :) . Just be careful to dodge the following pneumonia. :)


  • Hahaha - right your on! :-)

  • Hi Tony, I've told Fran we have to walk at least 8 miles tomorrow to match that next week Arthurs Seat, hee-hee,MC

  • I thought you Scots walked 500 miles and 500 more, well that's what the proclaimers led us to believe. Ok MC I'll let you off with just the eight for now. I'm not sure what Arthurs Seat is so you could always do Ben Nevis as a warm up for it :) I'm sure Fran wouldn't mind!!!!

  • very well done dall05 try keep it up

  • Thanks music, Hey your id 'music' brings back great memories of watching John Miles about a mile from my home at the Malvern Winter Gardens. 'Music' was in the charts at the time and his live performance was just brilliant. :)

  • Wow,you are such an inspiration!! Just imagen,when you get those new lungs,can see you climbing Mt.Everest!

    Lovely pics by the way.

    Love to all,Wendells xxx

  • Bloody brilliant what a fantastic picture! Lots of love TAD xx

  • Very well done dall 05 I've just read your post in bed pouring with rain out side, keep the good work up. Lol xx

  • Wow what a great work out Tony! good for you, you're an inspiration to us all! love huff xxxxxxx

  • I will join you walking outside - I have rubbish to put in the bin! Very well done Tony. x

  • Bloomin well done you - in the photo you look positively glowing :D

  • Well done Tony, you put me to shame but have to say steps are one of my weaknesses.

  • Hi Tony you have an impressive chest on the photo, that was before I read you were in for a lung transplant.

  • Hi, I counted the steps about an hour ago and got out of breath. I have to sleep it off now. You've worn me out.


  • Very well done Tony. Good for you! xxxx

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