Thanks to everyone who helped me with information and advice on liquid oxygen.

Thanks to everyone who helped me with information and advice on  liquid oxygen.

I had a meeting today with my respiratory nurse about trying liquid oxygen. She was terrific and started off on the right track by first telling me that she had stayed on especially to see that good looking patient, yes me :) Ha Ha. Well she gave me the usual 6 minute walk test, 475 metres on 6 litres of oxygen, sats dropped to 86. This was the best distance I had done in their narrow and short corridor zooming up and down avoiding people and obstacles like I was in a computer game.

She then sat me down and suggested that I try the liquid oxygen alongside my portable cylinders. This was what I was hoping for so I could 'Go Compare' like that annoying advert say's.

Next she noticed that I had only done a basic blow test on my last consultants meeting 3 weeks previous so she went through to the respiratory technicians and talked them into squeezing me in for a full spirometry there and then. I'm not quite sure how she managed this as I had just spoke to the technician in the waiting room who happens to be Scottish and I gave him a bit of stick over last nights football results.

I suppose he got his revenge watching me change all colours as he shouted at me to blow and keep blowing until you turn purple and just as your about to pass out he ask's for just a little more. :)

Those full spirometrys are a kind of torture with all their blowing and sucking with a little holding your breathe thrown in for good measure.The nurse didn't end there though she brought my consultants meeting forward by 3 months and also fought off pressure from the wards to leave me and deal with something else.

All in all she was brilliant and I came away from the hospital feeling pretty good with how things had gone. To top it all the car park barrier was up and nobody had to pay. What a day :)

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Woop, woop woop! :-) :-) :-) Alison

Some people are born to be nurses and Sarah my respiratory nurse is one of them. :)

Should the nurse have gone to spec******? Nice to feel good isn't it Tony?


Your daily tonic

HI King, Funny you should say that about spec- savers, I just used that the other day on wendells as she thought my wife was my daughter in a photo I posted. :) My wife loves her now!! :)

We all love Wendells


I agree, she's very loveable, well for an Aussie. :)

Just remember,this Aussie,was born & bred in England,lol!! xxx

You slap them , Wendells!

Ooh Annie! Lol! xxx


Those xx were for our King,why does the reply not always go underneath??

It goes at the end of all other replies to that comment. x

Txs Toci,always wondered why its sometimes at the top, & sometimes @ the bottom,just seen the light,lol! xx

Hi Tony, you just about killed me I was eating my dinner when you were talking about your spirometrys when I had mines 3 weeks ago I passed out and fell of the stool I bet that makes your day complete.Matt

Hi MC, You've got to have done a spiro to appreciate where I was coming from and it sounds as though you have certainly been there and done it. I just love the way they keep asking for more when its pretty dam obvious there is no more. You have rounded off my day picturing yourself choking on your tea and Fran clipping your ear for making a mess. Ha Ha Ha Ha He He He :)


Thanks Stitch, Its just great when you have a good day ain't it. May all your day's be good ones too.

Tony xx

Respiratory nurses rock! x

What a wonderful nurse,should be more like her,just remember the time lol xxx

Ps so pleased it all went well,feel realy chuffed for you.

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