We've lost a good friend.................KOTC

.........................................Loss of a good friend

Badger and myself have today lost a lovely friend in Cheryl. Her brave fight for life came to an end this morning.

She had been ill for a long time with emphysema. It was mine and Badgers( who she adored) pleasure to visit her, take her out etc. Badger is going to miss his custard creams! and I her company.

Cheryl had been an excellent secretary for Breathe Easy Nottingham Central And District before her illness set in.

God bless you Cheryl.


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Thats sad news for you and badger you both will miss her take care now my thoughts are with you .

Dorothy xxx

Much appreciated Dorothy

Oh King and Badger I am so sorry to hear of your friend's passing. She sounds like she was a lovely lady, who worked hard for you local BE Group. Condolences to you both and of course to Cheryl's family.

With love


Thank you for your kind words cofdrop

Sad, sad news Your Majesty. God bless Cheryl. x

She deserves to be with God now.

So sorry for you KOTC.


Sometimes you think you have a friend, other times you know you have a friend

Cheryl gave up smoking, started eating well but all too late.

You have expressed my thoughts perfectly Caroll

So sad for you, King and Badger. We love good friends, and when they leave us, it is hard to accept but you have your memories which will live on. Big love from Annieseed xx

Very good memories that will never fade annieseed

Sorry to hear of your friends passing. Remember the good times.

Now that you have mentioned it, we always had good times Puffthemagidragon

Biggest hug for you and Badger :) xx

We enjoyed that scrobbity. Thank you

So sorry Richard - more big hugs and kisses.

Bev xxxxxx

Thank you Bev. Greatly receivedxxx

Sad news, my thoughts & prayers are with you Richard, also with friends & family of Cheryl.


Hi Jo .All her family and friends have rallied around her husband ,who doesn't really realise what has happened '

It is good to know that family & friends are there for her husband when he needs them most.

He has gone to stay with his mother who I spoke to this morning. She thinks he is better off staying with her, and she will be able to look after him

Saddened to hear your news king it's always hard to lose a friend.

My condolences

Chris xx

Hi Chris. Cheryl was my first friend when I moved to Nottingham 5 years ago. We met at Breathe Easy and became instant friends

So sad to hear your news King, at least she,s at peace now, no doubt catching up with all your funnies

God Bless



Even in heaven they have a laugh, don't they?Karen

Very sorry to hear. Richard. Adrian

Thank you Adrian. She will be resting easily now,

So sorry for the loss of such a good friend. She left you knowing there would always be a home for her in your heart. Love and hugs, Alison

That is very true Alison. Thank you for your kind words

kotc, me and Frans thoughts are with you and badger.Mattcass

We will both miss her. If the phone rang, Badger always new when it was Cheryl and had to give her a kiss down the line

I'm deeply sorry for your loss Richard, Rest in Peace and love your dear friend, I will say a special prayer for her,hugs huff xxx

There will always be a place for her in my heart huff

Sad day for you King,you & Badger have my condolences.Just take comfort,that she is in a better place now,

Love& prayers,

Wendells xxxx

She will be able to enjoy herself again now.Wendells

very very sad king and upsetting when this happens..my thoughts are also with you and badger has i know its hard to lose a friend

so sorry..music

Thank you music, it is very hard to lose a friend, especially a very true friend

The one thing you have is your memories not the bad one of her passing but the good ones of the times you had. These will last forever. Think of the good time and you will smile even though there may be a little tear in your eye.

God bless both of you. Berwick xxx

I smile, I cry, but I will never lose the memories

That is so sad KOTCs, feel for you and Badger.

Lib xx

Badger knows something has happened and he is really going to miss her. When he visited her when she was not very well, he would run into her bedroom, jump straight on the bed and give her a kiss and a cuddle. Lib

That's sad news so sorry for you x x x

Very sad but for Cheryl it must be a great relief Tadaw

I'm so sorry Richard. There's nothing else I can say really.

Lynne xx

It is the knowing that I have friends like yourself that makes things easier to bear

My sympathies Richard, at least you can console yourself with the thought that you and Badger added something to her days, just as she did for you. It's all we can do for one another.

Beth x

We can all do for one another, if only people would! Thank you for your sympathies Beth

So sorry Richard for the loss of your friend but remember that while she is in your head and heart she lives on.




She will live there forever Janet and her memories will give me much happinness

Thinking of you King and so sorry for the loss of your very dear friend. The poor lady is now at peace. Love to you and Badger. Take care. xxxx

She deserves all the peace she can get sassy59.Thank you for thinking of us at this sad time

So sorry to hear that sad news KOFC and Badger. I'm sure your friendship and laughter will have helped her through difficult times and those memories will now help you too. Take care. X

My memories of her will never fade or die mapal. Thank you for your kind words

Thinking of you, try and remember all the good times you had together. Don't know what else to say, it's so sad to loose a good friend or family. Take care, we're always here for you. xxxx

Thank you for those kind words marytaz. You don't have to say anything else, it was lovely to hear from you


Richard, I'm very sorry to hear you've lost a good friend, they are hard to come by, harder to lose.

My best wishes to you xx peeg

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