nhs is looking at ways to improve GP sevices

I found this today, I am not sure if it is open to us to reply but BLF can and I feel it is opportunity to have some input what do you all think?

my idea would be put our problems forward, for example I can not think! the link


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  • If you had followed a couple of links further you would have found the survey you can fill in as an individual (and as an organisation). engage.england.nhs.uk/surve...

    I agree that it would probably be helpful for the BLF to give their views. Thanks for posting this. x

  • Hi Toci.I have read it and filled in all the parts of the survey that applied to me


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  • Maybe something to take along to your various Breathe Easy groups Your Majesty?

  • hi richardcrossroads, what an interesting link. The changes taking place in the NHS are vast and I believe that at this stage the CCGs are looking for input from individuals as well as groups.The future outlook is about CCGs controlling the money required for the community services needed,consultations are going on to determine what is needed in respect of a better community health service for patients. As Toci states the survey is there on line for individuals or groups to complete.I also believe patient groups are being set up to represent community needs to the CCGs along with the GPs. But don't quote me incase I have got it wrong.

  • hi richcrossroads needs weedle out incometant gps 1 st,that wud be a saver,take care

  • Agreed caroll

  • Star by joining your Patient participation Group at your surgery, this will help you to get you voice heard.


  • kotc,if I did wud be barred at 1st session,as I tell it like it is,my ex gps manager rang yesterday,i said wat/he said ur not with us anymore/no id like to live a bit longer wat do u want,well he said about ur complaint I received mail 4month ago bout it an rote bak.good I said ,now u send me a copy,yes of course,so I said why u ringing,well we have ad a numba of complainrs bout said ex gp,rite I said get on with it,2 for ignored copd 1 is me,3 for other illnesses wat were rongly given meds for an not xray or scans,so ex gp done 5ppl up 2 now,so I said well why u ringing me,well stuterin he is,ur complaint is ongoing with others now,good so it should,anything elz u want.er no but how are u,well how u think I am moderate copd now thanks to the clown who left me all winter to catch every bug going an didn't even no or heard of copd,never mind havin it,an didn't come out wen I rung on the floor in agony sent a locum /glad he did she ordered the scan,yes im feeling top of the world idiot man.well look after urself ,u have meds now,yes wich I had nothing at all last yr hence went to moderate,the cases are ongoing if I can be any help please ring,ye liked id ring the devil no chance,creep.take care,

  • Hi carol. What can I say about that? Remember that PPG's are there to guide the practice in the right direction and to help guide patients who have complaints/suggestions to the relevant sources to deal with them on the patients behalf. This avoids the patient having a confrontation with the surgery. Joining the PPG helps you voice yours and other patients opinions to the relevant people. Remember ,it is a Patient Participation Group and not run by the surgery. By telling it like it is(your words) you sound like a person that should be on and supporting your surgeries PPG


  • Good link. One easy way to improve services would be to have surgeries open later and on Saturday as they used to. Or is that too easy a solution?

    Bev x

  • I couldn't agree more its such a simple solution to GP Surgeries.Surely the GPs can work shifts like they did when working in hospitals before going into general practice.The GPs earn mega money on their new contract thet them earn their salary.

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