All the Rheumy nurse phoned Fran telling her I can go back on Diclofenic as long It is not taken at the same time as my Omeprazole but try and drop the steroid level before my next clinic in Oct. Feeling better already,

GP has said there are painkillers we can try but at the same time there are a lot that don’t mix with current meds but has arrange a telephone consultation for Friday morn.

Chest doc is adamant the Hydroxy is the one and only RA drug I can receive but will run it by the main team in Edinburgh.

The rash I had and was hoping it was the hydroxyl kicking in turned out to be Shingles call me lucky. Matt/Fran (matadora) Strachan

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  • Hi Matt,

    It sounds as though you are going for the record of how many ailments someone can have at any one time.

    Interesting what you say about Diclofenic and Omeprazole. I'm on both of those and take them and another 2 tablets all at the same time (just after breakfast and again at teatime). I know you're supposed to take some 20 minutes before a meal, others half an hour after, and some with, but really ...

  • With you there, Carrie me, I take so many, I'm not sure I would be able to find enough hours to separate them properly. I tried and fund I had to eat at odd times. V tricky, :-) :-) Alison

  • Hi CarrieMe thank you for replying I line them up like little soldiers hope I don't get a cough, Matt

  • Goodness me mattcass, fancy getting shingles as well as everything else you have to deal with. I am glad you are feeling better though and hope the doctors can get the right meds for you. Take care and keep improving (health wise of course). xxxxx :)

  • Hi sassy59, Thank You.Matt

  • Mat, I had Shingles a couple of months ago and found an ointment called Capsaicin was a great help, a prescription is required from your GP. Hope the pain gets easier I know too well what you re going through, all the best for a speedy recoverey.

  • Hi Brian, I developed the rash on sat time the doc seen them on tues he said it was to late meds work if caught in 1st 48hrs. Matt

  • he would have meant the antiviral and one called Tegretol. I had a bad reaction to this andcame out in an additional rash . In my case I was a bit lucky and obtained the medication in time to prevent the worst effects.(I think).

  • 2 steps forward eh, matt. Keep fighting. Good luck, :-) Alison

  • Hi Alison, Thank You I am feeling better today,Matt

  • Oh Matt,you don't do things by half do you? Lol!

    Do hope you're not feeling to bad.

    That capsaicin,that Grandadbrian recommended,was a life saver with Harry,when he had shingles,some time ago.

    Do hope they find the right meds.for you,

    Love Wendells xxx

  • hi Wendells, Thank you for your reply, it will have to sit in the priority list behind IPF & RA, hee-hee matt

  • Matador, Toreador, what else in the ring? I take up to 17 different types of medication per day, and I'm afraid I take/do them as and when. It doesn't seem to have any adverse effect on me personally. At least I do take/do them mattcass


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