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Guys before I fly off to the states to collect my Oscar (mattcass) I have good news I have been pain free all week from my RA and Shingles and me and Fran are hitting the road again, And my other good news is that my GP and Chest Consultant have agreed for me to phase back to work in September. In the meantime I have a works medical and back to work Interview to pass first. Have a good weekend.Matt

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All the best and congrats - love Annieseed x

Great news Matt. Things seem to looking good for the future.


Wow. It's all happening for you Mattcass. Good for you and congratulations :D

Double congratulations Mattcass, or is that triple or quadruple congrats in fact :)

Celebrations in order?


Your daily tonic

Good news. Keep us updated and the best of luck too !

This all sounds really good news - pleased for you.

Love cx

Fantastic news! Hooray! Well done matt. Have a great holiday. :-) :-) Alison

Ripper Rita,good one! Well done Matt,have a great holiday,& let us know how it goes,

Love to you both,Wendells xx

Fantastic news. x

Wonderful news have a great holiday.

polly xx

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