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Increasing appetite

Hi I have been to the doctors this morning I am still loosing weight so he wants me to go and see the dietician. I don't know if she will be able to help because I know what I should be eating but have little or no appetite, doc says to have small meals often but again with no appetite that won't work. He cannot give me any vitamin drinks until I have seen the dietician so does anyone have any hints for me. I have ordered some complan in my Tesco delivery and some Sanatogen tonic wine. Any thoughts please I am not feeling well and I think lack of food is not helping.

polly xx

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I have a similar problem..only really hungry when I am on a high dose of steroids.

I saw those Complan drinks advertised and thought I might try them too.

Smoothies are good, especially with bananas, but I have the additional problem that a lot of foods now give me migraine when they didn't before.

Someone on this site suggested adding milk powder to your meals. Avocados are useful too...I have been eating handfuls of nuts as well. Cup a soups are easy, and I have been making and freezing vegetable and potato soups. Homous has lots of calories.

We had a dietician at our Breathe Easy meeting, and she suggested frequent meals and told me to see my gp. There were a few people at the meeting who were struggling with their weight...coughing seems to use a lot of energy.


I think breakfast is very important I have 2 Weetabix with honey + 10 ( buy the best honey that you can afford) and a banana and pure orange drink, and you have a good start to your day.


It is so difficult when you loose your appetite. When my husband was ill I used to make him have the complan etc. but he hated it! Just a thought there is lots of organic baby food snacks out there now - just wondered if that might help just to get you nibbling! It is really difficult to regain your appetite once it has been lost - just try to "graze" that might help. Yoghurts (make sure they are full fat!) might help - I made a smoothie with bananas, peanut butter and cream - that was highly calorific - kids hated it - had to drink it myself - delicious! Good luck and hope you start to feel better soon. Take care, TAD xx


Thank you everyone for your suggestions I will try and have a look at them tomorrow but no tea for tonight just can't manage it. Oh well tomorrow is another day.

polly xx


Sorry to hear you are not feeling like eating. My mother loved the build up drink - Ensure. She was very fussy so if she liked them you might too. There are all sorts of different flavours and they are high in vitamins and calories. If your doctor thinks you are underweight and need build up drinks you should be able to get them on prescription. If you don't pay for your prescriptions they will be free.

Bev x


Polly be careful with that complan then - it has 26 vitamins, so their website says. I 'd check it out first. Good luck with the weight gain. My old mum used to have a guiness.


oh yeah and mint sauce smell gets my hunger up.


I don't have any advice Polly but I will be really interested to see what you find that helps as I am in a very similar position.

About 4 weeks ago, as a suspected side effect of Doxycycline, I lost all sense of smell and taste along with my appetite. Despite trying, eating ended up with me being sick. It's been awful. As a result, I have lost 2 stone and am having a gastroscopy this afternoon in case the problems have a different underlying cause. I have had no food for 3 weeks now, just water. All my bloods are fine, but something is clearly wrong. The only taste I can tell is the difference between hot and cold, and I can tolerate really cold things so I am thinking milk shakes made with icy cold milk.

I will need to see what this afternoon brings first though.

Please let me know how you get on.

Lynne xx

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I do hope you find what the root cause of this is and soon. Marie x


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