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TOPSY TURVEY LAND......................Do you remember?

............................TOPSY TURVEY LAND.......memories of a lovely lyrical song?

Wouldn't it be funny if the sky was green

And the grass such a lovely shade of blue

If cats went woof, dog's miow

And birds in the trees went moo!

Oh what a lark, what a giggle w3hat a laugh

Wearing shoes upon your hands

You'd be walking around with gloves upon your feet

In Topsy-Turvey Land

Wouldn't it be funny if we stayed awake

When the moon was in the sky

Then we'd shut our eyes and go to sleep

When the sun was up on high

Oh what a lark what a giggle, what a laugh

If you're happy to give a frown

And when you're sad wear a smile upon your face

In Topsy-Turvey Town

Think of all the things that we would do

You could be me I could be you

Lets listen to the flowers sing

We could see all kinds of things!

Wouldn't it be funny if fish could fly

And a pig went swimming in the sea

If we ate our lunch at breakfast

And had supper when it's time for tea

Oh what a lark what a giggle, what a laugh

Everything is upside down

You would say hello when it's time to go

In Topsy-Turvey Town



Don't get stuck in Topsy-Turvey Land. go along to your local Breathe Easy.

It's free to join

Details from BLF Helpline(local rate) 03000 030 555 Mon-Fri 9am 5pm

4 Replies

O Goodbye to you KOTC! I was wondering where I was! that was fun to read and now I must be off again though I have fairly given up trying to get on site for ages and ages,hello for now, hufferpuffer ( who is off to her first PR tomorrow! :D ) XXX


Enjoy your PR


love that and I have printed it out for my little next door neighbour who although only 3 loves the sounds of poetry and giggled at the fish and pigs. I can't say I know this do you know where it is from?




Hi Janet. I have a collection of these but from where I know not


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