Its not only your lungs that can let you down!!!

Its not only your lungs that can let you down!!!

After the best run of health I've had since my lungs decided to play up something had to bring me down to earth. Well when I say something I mean something's!!

After surviving the recent heatwave by resting it out and running for every shady spot available I made the old mistake of sleeping with the windows open and the temperature took a drop. Yes you guessed it, I woke with one of those stiff neck things that you can get if you are in a draught. Its something that I have suffered before but never on this level, the pain was unbearable at times, it travelled from my shoulder one day and my arm another and then back again. :( . Using the computer key board was just too painful but I have been reading every ones posts when my browser decided it was ok for me to do so.

I have two fingers that are still numb and after a visit to my GP we decided that It was probably a trapped nerve, as I suspected rest was not the answer and to keep moving was the way back to health. Two weeks later it does seem to be working so fingers crossed.

If that wasn't enough an abscess decided to appear on my bum which made sitting down pretty painful, so back to the GP and more antibiotics and this was followed by 3 days of sickness and diarrhea that came just to kick me while I was down.

I was down and out but today I felt a change, everything is improving, the sun is still shinning and I got out and soaked up that great feeling of being well again.

Through all of this pain and suffering, the lungs held out pretty well and only occasionally was I left more breathless than usual but it kind of reminded me how lucky I was to normally only having to put up with breathlessness.

I can live with breathlessness but pain, well that's another thing all together.

Tony. :) To anyone out there who has to live in pain you have my greatest sympathy's and respect.

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So glad you are feeling better now Tony. Very handsome family, if i may say so. Well done for working your way back. :-) :-) Alison

Thanks Alison, Its good to be back on the key board and pain free. It was a bad run of health but its behind me now and fingers crossed things will only get better.

So glad you are feeling better Tony,what a nasty experience,glad you have bounced back.You have been through the mill,rather painful one at that! I do agree that being breathless is one thing& pain is another.

Loved the photo,but where is Mrs Tony?! Always behind the camera I thinks!

Love to you all,Wendells xxx

WOOPS!! Just realized I'm in trouble,mistook your wife,for your daughter,think I'll go back to bed!! xx

Ha Ha, You've made a friend for life now. My wife is 3 years younger than me but she has worn a little better than me too. She'll just love you to bits now but I'll probably take a little stick for it eh'.


I promise you, a double cup of tea now!! Love to you & your child bride! xx

A double cup, biscuits and a cold beer too. :) . Do you get the 'should have gone to speck savers' advert over there as I think they could use this one. Ha Ha Ha. My child bride is in bed getting her beauty sleep now as unlike me she has a busy day ahead of her tomorrow. Its been 3 years since I've worked and with a bit of luck it won't be another 3 before I make a come back.

Tony xxx

Get well soon Tony. x

Thanks Toci, I'm on the mend now and planning a good walk tomorrow if the weather holds up. Its about 3 miles to my dads so I may give that a go, my only problem is we have the Malvern Hills between us so that makes it a bit more of a challenge.

Tony, I love a challenge so I'll do it, there's no doubt. Look after yourself Toci :)

I agree Dall05 pain is something I can't take either, like you I've had a bad neck and shoulder (maybe not as bed as you) I think with trying to lift move Mum and although luckily it does go away after time - would hate to be in continuous pain with no relief. pleased you are getting better xx

Yes we do have the spec savers ad. over here.Im so mortified,will think of that dashing young man,over in the UK every time I see it in future.By the way, I didint have my specs on lol xx

Hullo, Dall05 - I liked reading your post and felt the pain for you. It looks as if you are surrounded by lovely people, too. Love Annieseed xx

Hi Annie, I hope you didn't really feel my pain as I wouldn't have wished that on my worst enemy and yes I'm so very lucky to have had great support from my family, its made all the difference and kept me thinking positively. They are what made me fight to survive when this illness first struck 3 years back.

Glad that you are doing better dall and long may that continue. Lovely family photo too. Take care. xxxxx :)

Thanks sassy, things are much better again today so I'm feeling positive again. Whew!!

Blimey you have been through the wars! Glad to see you srtill have a sense of humour though. Hoep you feel a bit brighter (and pain free soon)!


Hi Tony, Glad your feeling better time to start breaking records again, The only thing I'm breaking is my heart with this RA, MC

Hi MC, I may of had a small taste of your RA pain with my trapped nerve in the shoulder. It was unbearable at times and at its worst the ache in my arm brought tears to my eyes. I wonder if it might be connected to the RA they 'think' could be in my lungs. I still have a little pain and two of my fingers are numb but things are improving.

You make sure you keep strong MC and don't let it break you,


Hi Marie, Yes I've had a few setbacks over the last few weeks but hopefully that's behind me now. I've kind of tested myself today with a bit of a walk so we'll find out how I feel tomorrow. Hopefully its business at usual from here on, I can handle breathlessness on its own. :)

How are you coping Marie?

Tony xx

Great picture! Glad to hear you are getting over all that pain - bloody miserable. Take good care. TAD xx

Thanks TAD, its good to be back to only the normal ache's and pains. :)

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