Hello everyone !

I am new here,and I was hoping for some help with my dad,Barry.he's not been well for a while now with copd and I was hoping to get as much info as possible about the illness.i have read the leaflets and things he has and looked on the Internet,but I was hoping to get some help straight from the horses mouth,so to speak.We live in Woking in Surrey,and my dad has just retired from advertising in the city.he has stopped smoking,thank god.thankyou everyone for any help.


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  • Hi

    You have come to the right place. Lots of very knowledgeable people here.

    Your dad has done the most important thing .... giving up smoking. I was diagnosed three years ago and my lung condition has not much changed (which I'm sure would not have been the case if I had carried on).

    You do not say how poorly he is. Keeping as active as possible is also important, and being positive. It is quite possible to have a long and quite healthy life with copd with some luck and good decisions.

    The BLF helpline as on the main site is also very good.

    There are better informed people here than me, Im sure loads will reply. A very helpful, friendly site

    Wishing your dad (and you) all the best


  • Hi Elisajane, and welcome to the forum :) The BLF helpline is 03000 030 555, and I'd certainly give them a call.

    Sandra x x x

  • Thankyou for the advise,my dad gets quite breathless when active,he's a bit on the large side but is loosing weight as his doctor advised.so I suppose he's quite fortunate at the moment.my problem is I work some long long hours and find it difficult to do as much as I would like.my partner is very helpful,and she helps when she can.

  • Hi Elisajane,

    You don't say what help you feel your dad needs at the moment but apart from the COPD, he'll possibly be feeling a bit lost and low having just retired. He's probably going through a lot of different emotions that'll take a while to sort out in his head.

    As for looking things up on the Internet, I'd advise caution, there's a lot of misinformation out there. I scared myself silly when I was first diagnosed.

    Bye for now,


  • I think he needs to understand and take it in a bit better than what he is doing at the moment.Also I hope it would assist me to understand and know what is happening.it wasn't till the other day when telling a friend and they replied,oh,that's serious isn't it ?.That got me thinking as to what may,or may not happen.as I say I have looked on some sites who are not really giving the best of advise.i agree also,he does feel a bit lost at the moment,which obviously does not help.

  • He has made the first step by giving up smoking. If he can continue to take some exercise that he can manage by rehab or at home, he will feel so much better. Is he on meds from the doctor, which will make a huge difference. I was diagnosed with severe COPD earlier this year and despite a lot of stress I am still very positive. Ring the BLF helpline who give a lot of helpful advice..There are so many friends on this site who will give you so much support, just ask and they will advise you. Take care.

    Viv xxx

  • Thankyou Viv,he has a blue ventolin puffer ? he also takes tablets for blood pressure and pantopropzile for stomach.i do know he's a bit bored since he retired.mums been gone a while now so he spends a lot of time on his own.i do what I can,when I can but because of work and things it's not always easy.i will call the helpline tomorrow for advice.


    Elisa xx

  • Hi Eliseajane, Sorry you are having a difficult time of it right now, my children work & I know how hard they find it trying to fit time in to see me, how ever I can recommend that if you or your partner have any colds or coughs the best help you can give your Dad is to stay away,

    Try having a word with his GP & see if the practice has a nurse who can advise & support you Dad more easily, they will also give him advice on his weight loss & monitor his use of medication, try not to take to much on yourself as there is help around if you look.

    I hope you pop here when ever you need support or just need a friendly chat,

    The Witch


  • Hi Elisajane. The second best thing, after giving up smoking, is exercise. If we can help in any way please feel free to ask. We are not professionals but we have a wealth of information from our own experiences to share.

  • Hi, my advice would be to exercise as much as he can, to follow a sensible diet and to ask for a referral to see a respiratory consultant if he has not already done so. You don't mention what stage he is at? Many of us have inhalers specific to COPD rather than just the Ventolin one. You can ring the BLF for advice ( 03000 030 555) and you can also ask your local social services to do an assessment of need. This can result in help for him in the form of equipment he may need or money for extra help, for example paying someone for help with bathing, dressing, preparing food, etc. As for the boredom, maybe there is a Breathe Easy group nearby? Good luck to you both. x

  • Can I say a big thankyou to you all for the advice and consideration,I will certainly be looking into getting the help you have all recommended.

    I have had a look at this site and have noticed there is some wonderful people here,with a mixture of advice,humour,chat and some excellent foods advice.i do look forward to meeting some wonderful people here.


  • Hello and welcome

  • Good luck Elisajane. It is v important to get him moving and doing things. Perhaps you have a breatheasy group locally. We don't have one but he would be able to get companionship and up to date knowledge about his health. :-) Alison

  • I have got my dad in to see his GP on Friday,I hope to be able to go with him,he says that's ok.i will be asking about all the advice given here,I would like to post on Friday evening and let you all know what the GP has recommended.



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