Weather report says its 29 tomorrow,& it's winter here!!

It's been a beautiful day here @ 27c,& the weather has been beautiful for the last month or so.BUT it is the middle of winter!!

Come to think of it,we have only had the heating on a couple of times,early am,or late pm.

The winter clothes remain still unpacked,maybe next year!

The only worry is,that if winter has been like this,what temps.will summer go to??

Take care everyone,

Love Wendells xxx

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  • Where are you Wendells?

    xx Ros xx

  • On the Gold Coast,in sunny Qld,Australia. xxx

  • Oh how I would love to visit Australia, my only worry are the size of the spiders lol. I have a niece in Queensland, but tbh cannot afford the holiday.

  • Good luck Wendells. No way I could cope with the heat. Breathing too difficult. I wish you the best of luck with your summer. :-) :-) Alison

  • Heat isint such a problem for me,but the humidity is another story! xx

  • Wendells - I read about Australia, and decided that there was so much to see but couldn't handle the heat or the venomous creatures. But a magnificent country. As for the beasties I would get used to them. And a meet up with you would be a nice thought! Love Annieseed xx

  • Yes,would be great to have a cuppa together!xxx

  • That's a shame,never mind,you never know what's around the corner! You might have to buy a lotto ticket, Ros,someone has to win! xxx

  • Hi Wendalls... .eek!! , how will you cope with the summer temperatures? I'm sure it must be a beautiful area where you live and all the different wildlife would be so interesting...well ok, most of it :) I have never visited Australia though did have an aunt who lived in Tasmania. Keep well ~ Lovelight xxx

  • Hi Lovelight,yes must confess I'm not realy looking forward to summer this year.Humidity is my worst enemy,in the breathing world.Hate that tight band across your chest feeling!

    Airconditioning is a must of course,& does help,although you seem to get immune to it after a while.(till you stick your nose outside) lol! xxx

  • Well I suppose looking on the bright side, if winter is not horrendous, the difference in temperature when it comes to summer won't be too much of a shock as it has been here. Humidity is the pits though, 100% with you on that one - oh well have a brilliant day anyway. :) xx

  • Thanks Scrobbs,enjoying the sunshine at the moment! Not much humidity for NOW!! xxx

  • Can I pop over for a cuppa as well, maybe for six months!


  • Welcome,any time,I'll keep the kettle boiling! xxx

  • Hi Wendells, I think we'll have enough of us to charter our own plane soon but travel insurance could cost us a fortune. I think we had best come soon before it gets to hot and I think because you are our most popular Aussie you had better have a very large pot for that tea.

    Tony xx

  • Hi Tony,just having my morning cuppa(7am here) lovely to hear from you,don't worry my teapot is never ending!

    Hope all going well for you,I won't mention the cricket!!! Australia is in shock lol!

    Love Wendells xxx

  • Hey! If we're talking visits to Aussie land, count me in. Queensland has always been top of my must go to list (I blame Nevil Shute). Would love to join you for that cuppa Wendells. :)

  • Always welcome a pommie! Lol xxx

  • Hi Wendells, I am new to this site & have not made a response until now, very interested to see an Aussie using it, your report made me feel homesick for Oz. Our 2 Daughters & families live in Sydney on the Northern Beaches, we have been visiting them for many years in the UK winter e.g. November - February.

    I have COPD & use liquid Oxygen for Ambulatory use so cannot take it with me, I cannot find out if you can get Liquid Oxygen in Oz. My Daughter meets us at the Airport with a hired oxygen concentrator (Airsep) cost for 3 months $1800 , my medical Insurance is more than Air Fare, whilst we love your beautiful Country & Climate, I don't think we can afford to do it again, everything is free in U.K. due to our wonderful National Health Service.

    Will look forward to reading your blogs on Oz in the future, G'Day aussie friend.

  • Hi Gilliann,First of all welcome to this site,hopefully you will join in now!

    Oh you must miss your daughters & there families,Aus. is wonderful,but so far away.What a love ly part of Sydney they live in.It seems a shame, you wont be coming anymore,but no doubt you will look forward to visits from them, when able!

    I am not on 02 myself,yet,but have seen adverts for Liquid Oxygen, so they must have it here,would not know of the costs etc.I have heard that the insurance is high,I know mine was going from here to Britain,such a shame.

    We do have for people living here,if not privately insured,a free public hospital,healh system,which is ok, but then you cant chose your own surgeon etc.For people on benefits & pensions etc. they do not pay for visits to the GP etc,or blood tests & xrays,or the like.One thing better here,I think,is you can see your GP,if not today, tomorrow, reading some of the posts here, it sounds like people wait for a while,if on a pension,or unemployment, a script doesent cost more than $6.So we are way better of than America or canada for instance!

    Im not normally on 02,but have to have it when flying,I think it was the price of another seat,the twice when I flew.However the Lung specialist,advised me not too anymore, so I took his advice!

    Anyway,hope alls well with you,

    Love Wendells xxx

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