What footwear do you remember wearing from the 1930's 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's


Does any body remember those Hobnail boots handed down from sibling to sibling, Taking them to the cobbler to be mended on many occasions.

What did you wear?


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  • Hobnail boots for the cobblers to repair were unheard of in poor families. I recall putting newspaper inside shoes in thick layers once there were holes in the soles, so they would last a bit longer, or literally going bare foot .I come from a younger generation of post war families and always had shoes, fitted clarks ones which shows in how good my feet are today except for the arthritic pain.Of course my mum had a small business, like Maggie Thatcher so I was not brought up poor.

  • My mother always tied my laces tight and this gave me deformed feet

  • off the subject, my mum who is 95 says she can remember her family wearing and sharing hobnail boots. My husband had deformed feet from ill fitting shoes and many have them from wearing fashion shoes too

  • Since my younger days I have only been able to wear wide fitting lace ups. which restricted my fashionabillity!!!!Katie

  • Not sure about that, a lot of the older style shoes are back in fashion. But our saying is built for comfort not style.I can't even wear lace ups have to use Velcro style or slip on shoes, bit limiting when you want trainers which are often the shoe of choice for the less mobile

  • Velcro is a godsend.

  • Ooh I remember squeezing my toes into winkle pickers and dancing all evening,agony !!

    Exblonde.x :(

  • I thought winkle pickers were men's shoes?

  • No i also had winkle pickers my father stuffed the toes with cotton wool so they didn't crease !!

  • Clever fella your dad. I did the same but it didn't stop the toes curling up. lol

    Bobby xxx

  • Snap

  • Hi newlands, I did that with wet paper that hardened when dry, but the points stilled curled up to my chin

  • Toci, there also were ladies mine were black patent leather with 3inch heels. I cannot see any men suffering that pain.

  • My mother would have said to you exblonde''You'll regret it when you get older my girl''

  • My grandma did and do I regret it NO it was worth every bit of pain then and my feet are fine still.xx

  • Nice to know one end is still ok

  • Hi Toci. Fashion stolen from the men Eh?

  • I didn't dance, couldn't spoil my winkle pickers, Just stood the opposite side of the dance hall watching the girls

  • I am surprised you noticed the agony exblonde, I mean .weren't you gazing longingly into your partners eyes with longing expectations? Be honest now

  • In my teenage days I recall wearing four inch stiletto heels, that got caught in drain covers if you were not careful. Then there were winkle pickers for men, long pointed narrow toed shoes for those who are younger.Followed by multi colored wedge heeled shoes, some of these styles seem to be coming back into fashion for the younger generation.

  • Yes, I did the stilettos followed by wedges. Now it is anything that will fit fat feet! :)

  • same here, trainers or comfort walk shoes. No heels and none slip soles if possible

  • Sensibility

  • C'mon Katie, flat shoes, what about the old flat black DAPS

  • I forgot about daps, thought they only called plimsolls that in wales

  • Stilettos Toci, How many dance floors did you SPIKE?

  • Did you take them off katieoxo to jive in

  • definately, and too walk home later

  • Wasn't it nice Katie that you could walk home barefoot in those days, maybe alone at night and the only worry was ''Where have you been 'till this time of night?''

  • delayed reply, but it was nice to take shoes off and walk home safely no matter what time of night, then sneak in so no one heard you,nowadays your not even safe in your own home,never mind walking the streets at night.

  • It is a sad reflection on life nowadays katie

  • My father was in Belgium during the war i was living with his sister and when on leave he brought me some clogs i was 4 years old and i loved them then in the 50s the local paper did shoes for bairns and the sandals had holes punched in them awful because everybody knew you had free sandals , but i wanted to be like my friends so got the teachers puncher of her desk and punched holes in my sandals my father was not very happy

  • You were a very naughty child newlands

  • My mother had to wear lace up boots that were passed down from her sister in the1920's and she still remembers the shame of having to wear boots instead of shoes to school.

    I remember wearing sandals with crepe soles in the summer to school, and the soles used to melt and stick to the pavement.

  • Fond memories of that happening. I used to get my sisters old sandals, but hey ,I had something to wear knitter

  • When my dad was young, around 1915, he and his siblings queued up at the local Salvation Army hall once a year. They were given boots that had been rejected by the forces as having been to far gone for further repair. As dad was shoeless - like many kids then - he was delighted to get a pair, hobnails or not. The good old days eh!


  • These FEET were made for walking

  • Hi

    I remember tottering around in huge platform shoes in the 70s .... I see they are back! What goes around comes around



  • I had the male version. Platform boots. Similar to these but without the pattern on top near the toes !! :)


  • I bet you REALLY looked the biz!

  • We all thought we did in those days Tocci

  • #Those were the days my friend!

  • We thought they'd never end!!

  • Real cool dude

  • Did you wear those in the picture.The thought of it!

  • Similar. :)

  • Did you wear those Beth? I commend you for even trying

  • Hi KOTC

    I did and had blisters pretty much all the time ... silly girl

    what you do for fashion when young!!

    I imagine they (the young) continue to do similar ...

    I don't think the advantages of comfortable footwear hit in until in seriously middle aged!

    Beth x

  • Girls will never change Beth

  • KOTC

    When I married my first wife - I'm a slow learner - in 1965 I wore a collarless Beatles suit and long winklepicker shoes. White shirt and a red tie. I looked the biz. My fashion sense has stayed - first wife didn't.


  • Are you still wearing winkle pickers then Bobby

  • Ah me!! I remember going to the shoe shop in Reading, Milward's (?) trying on shoes and checking under the xray machine to check the fit. Kipper sandals.

    Big sigh! high heels, platform soles, sling backs. So smart but they didn't do my toes any favours. Black lace up uniform duty shoes. love Anniexx

  • When I was 18 I bought a pair of Churches Brogues, was I the cat's whiskers

  • I used to live just round the corner from Church's factory. Proper shoe makers.


  • I cherished those shoes Bobby and they lasted me for over thirty years

  • They are still going Richard but I think the cheapest now are over £200 a pair.


  • I paid £30 for mine! My Mum said I was STUPID

  • £1 per year then, what value!

  • Not so stupid was I ?

  • I used to love my cuban heeled boots. Dead cool.

  • never thought of them ones, bet you looked real fashionable.

  • I'm jealous Katie.I couldn't wear Cuban heel boots

  • Do you remember chisel toes?

  • Hi warwickstag. I felt left out when they were in fashion because I have very high insteps and could not wear boots

  • Hi King, I'm not saying they were comfortable, just that they looked cool. Never worn heeled shoes or boots since, and can't understand how women manage to walk on heels.

  • They don't, they hobble along !

  • We also had an x-way machine in the shop, great fun looking at ones toes, sadly had it had to go - health and safety reasons,as did the rocking horse when mother complained her child had fallen off it....ah well that's progress??

  • I have asked lots of people if they remember the x-ray machines for looking at where your toes were in new shoes and they always look at me as though I'm mad. I think I must have been about 5 or 6 at the time.

  • I remember them too .... my physio was talking about them with horror just last week .... too much xray is very bad news for bones/causes cancer etc

    and there we were, kids queuing up for another go! No wonder they were stopped, I think in the late 60s early 70s


  • I don't remember them but I can imagine all the kids saying ''I want another go'' and you Beth

  • CarrieMe, and are they still looking at you like that. Hee HEE

  • More often than I like to admit. :-)

  • Oh what a shame. Look on the bright side of it 'They are still looking at you!'

  • Didn't have that in my day

  • Hi wishoz,I remember having to put my feet into a wooden ruler type thing to measure my feet.

    Be quiet, sit still, don't shuffle, I told you to keep your feet still. Smack, ''mum that hurt,'' smack

  • I remember those shoe measure blocks, and had the same smack around the head if I didn't sit still, bet my grandma's hand was bigger than your mum's

  • Hi exblonde .I bet my mum's hand stung more than your grandma's

  • still do measuring to get good fit in some shops - think measuring device more modern tho'- kids still play up and wriggle Mum still gets cross -but no slapping these days- some things do change but not kiddies behavour !!!

  • Mores the pity Some of them could do with a boot up the backside

  • Bet you scuffed the toes of your new shoes on the way out as well - you were a bit of a rascal I suspect :)

  • You are cheeky wishoz, but so right

  • remember those machines in shoe shops and the measuring one

  • I still have a pair of gold platform sling backs in the attic from the early 70's. I could never bring myself to throw them away. They must be a collector's item by now. :-)

  • Better get the insured

  • dreadful for you....

    my sympathies, I hope you can rest easier now these things are long ago .... it would be nice to think kids don't go through this these days ... but news tells us different

    take care


  • Very true Ripley

  • Oh Carol how awful for you. I was only 12 when my father went for my17 year old sister, I smacked him so hard he never touched her again or me.

  • hi kotc,my dad walked left mum with 6 kids then married that thing,had 2 to him/never saw my dad from that day,the thing was a git.he hit all of us blody bad childhood,always smoking 24,7,round all of us,wen I was 16 he hit me so hard perferatied my ear drum.went to the police they didn't blve me they blved him an mum said nothing.so my lungs were nakered then with smoke whoopin cough measles phenomia jaundice an meninjitus at 15.as I started in mills at 15,for 23yr so all that ads up ,started daft cigs at 20 wen I left home .is it any wonder,take care

  • caroll. Have you managed to enjoy your life since you left home at 20.? I left home at sixteen for different reasons but I then made my mind up that whatever I did from then on that I would enjoy myself, and I did , although I worked at least12hrs a day + most days, I did like most of my working life.

  • hi kotc,yes married at 21 had 3 girls an 1 son/lost 3 didn't go full term ,worked cotton mills 23yrs so wud have had more damage to lungs then,hubby turned to drink years an years.i never drank,hubby went 9yr ago but the stress of him harassing me did me no good,he married again but not with her now still drinking ,some1 told him I had copd/wat did he say .her fault for smoking id better leave the harass out now she b gone soon,he smoked drank all his life nothing rong with him except hes daft ,makes me wonder sometime were god is,i smoked with all the stress of workin bringing 4 up an 1 granddaughter an runnin a house wile he ran the pubs dry/but as usual drunks are selfish its me me me only love therselves ,least I have the girls an son,12 grankids 1 greatgrand child/.illhealth now but never mind,take care

  • You have been through the wars ,haven't you? God is there I promise,

    call me silly but I talk to him every night. I am a believer.

  • hi kotc,yes married at 21 had 3 girls an 1 son/lost 3 didn't go full term ,worked cotton mills 23yrs so wud have had more damage to lungs then,hubby turned to drink years an years.i never drank,hubby went 9yr ago but the stress of him harassing me did me no good,he married again but not with her now still drinking ,some1 told him I had copd/wat did he say .her fault for smoking id better leave the harass out now she b gone soon,he smoked drank all his life nothing rong with him except hes daft ,makes me wonder sometime were god is,i smoked with all the stress of workin bringing 4 up an 1 granddaughter an runnin a house wile he ran the pubs dry/but as usual drunks are selfish its me me me only love therselves ,least I have the girls an son,12 grankids 1 greatgrand child/.illhealth now but never mind,take care

  • hi kotc,ye there is god.i blve to.as were theres hope also.went Portugal 4month ago with youngest girl an her 5 sons an partener nice there air was good,went to mount Fatima shrine very serene peaceful,brought hly water bak from there,u no my religion now rc,take care

  • It sounds as though you enjoyed it.

  • ps .kotc.his was a rag an bone man the git.so u no were our clothes etc came from

  • My mother used to buy from jumble sales and sometimes another kid would say''that was mine!''

  • Common chaps, what about the DA hairstyle. long jacket, skin tight jeans and Br****l Creepers?

  • When my now hubby used to call my gran used to say "here comes Fred the ted" That saying stayed with him for years. I was only allowed to go out with him because gran knew his parents.

    Last year we were in M&S looking for shoes and I saw blue suede ones and made him buy them.

  • I'm off to M&S Hee HEE

  • NOt forgetting''Don't you step on my BLUE SWEDE SHOES''

  • Desert boots and Chelsea boots and Kinky boots too

  • None of them made for walking?

  • I loved platform shoes (70's) but suffered terrible pain and embarrassment when i fell off them at a party in London. A n E doc in Barnet hospital the next day fell about laughing and asked other docs and nurses to have a look. Much laughter. I went from looking cool to Hopalo g Cassidy in one dance move. Weeks of wearing a slippr on one foot to work in the West End. Never wore daft shoes again. Live in slippers and trainers mostly these days. :-) :-) Alison

  • Clippedy, clippedy FLOP. Sorry Alison but I can't help laughing at the thought

  • Platform shoes from the 70's! I also remember being a shoe size 8 from a young age and my poor mother dragging me from shop to shop trying desperately to find me a pair of school shoes. She did find one pair. If they were worn out within 6 months they would replace them. I wore them out in 4 :)

    bev x

  • Wore them out running after the boys Eh?

  • I remember late 60's early 70's having a pair of platform clogs! yellow and blue leather uppers which were absolute murder to walk in, not just being platform but they rocked too backwards and forwards being clogs - 'luckily' they were stolen - but when I pity the youngsters today 'walking' around in 4/5/6" thin heels, or should I say teetering with buttocks clenched as if they have had an unfortunate 'accident' in that department, I must remember those awful platform clogs, when I also wonder why they do it!

  • So it's the thin high heels that make them walk like that, and I thought, oh never mind!

  • I remember having a pair of white shoes with square/chisel toes and cotton reel heels to wear for my confirmation in 1957/8.

    My husband used to wear Churches Brogues his argument for how much he spent was he bought good shoes to last for years because if he didn't he would never have any on his feet because I spent all the money on my shoes :D

  • Very sensible Husband

  • Yeah, I remember the boots well, wore them until 1951 and I went up to the grammar school.

    I had 'Talipes' (Club-foot) and my dad used to have to repair them in the garden shed and drill the heel to take my calliper. Things like that were not available on 'The National Health' in those days !

  • Oh duke. My friend had 'Talipes' but he always tried to join in with everything which made him very popular

  • What about those quiet shoes.............................HUSH PUPPIES

  • I'm still wearing my clogs - boots with iron horse shoe rims and hobnails great fun clip clopping about crushing thing under them !

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