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Very Bad Day

Got up this morning after a bad night, was going to the gym but not up to it. Struggling for breath. Went to Tesco with the wife but exhausted very quickly. Not got a chest infection, but no energy. Been asleep most of the day but no better. I take large amounts of heart and copd tablets. I don't know what's wrong. I have copd and a heart condition. I also suffer from scarring of lungs caused by childhood TB Meningitis. Excuse me just having a moan but today is too much for me.

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Hiya Irryjay

Don't worry about having a moan we all do. Some days you get up and you can take on the world. Other days it's a job to get out of bed. We have all been there. It can be so frustrating. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you. If not come back and have another moan. We don't mind.



Hi Bobby, I am not normally moaning, tomorrow I will be ok. Thanks, Larry

Hope tomorrow is a better day for you

COPD can be a very up and down thing and the downs are deep and depressing.

If not better by Sunday then try A and E or wait to Mon and see your GP.

Look after yourself and lets those that can do for you too

Take care


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Hi Beth, those few kind words are a help. Thanks. Larry

Hope you get better soon


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I expect I will be ok tomorrow. A few more jokes will liven me up. Thanks, Larry

Yes lrryjay its good to talk and have a moan hope your feeling better soon.

Oh Larry,we've all been down that road! Just remember its a new day tomorrow,that's what I always tell myself!

If still no good by Monday,do go and see your GP.

Don't worry about having a moan,we all need to do so,every so often,

Big hug to you,

Love Wendells xx

I'll do that. I'm not normally moaning, (take no notice of the wife and kids) I'm usually bright and cheerful. Bit better today. Thanks.

Hi you moan all you like I've done my fair share these last few weeks on here and everybody is so nice and they really help and encourage you, it's a really crap illness but each and everyone of us on here understand it and where you are coming from, You just take care and look after yourself and listen to your body when it tells you to rest, rest. Hope you feel better tomorrow but if not come back and we'll all still be here for you. Big Hug xx

Hi Jiffy, thanks for your kind remarks, Larry.

Hi Larry, do hope you are feeling better today. Please check in with your doctor if these symptoms have not improved by Monday, its difficult to decide between lung and heart symptoms, but I am sure your doctor can.

Take good care and if symptoms worsen and you are worried or undecided what to do call NHS Direct

Best wishes BC

Hi Irrjay, hope things are a bit better for you today. You are entitled to have a moan so don't worry about that. Pete is always tired too and has sarcoidosis, copd and various other problems. We put it down to the drugs he takes but you should see your GP if you don't feel any better in the next few days. Worth investigating. Take care. xxxx

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