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Calcium and D3 ?????

Been put on high dose Calcium and D3 for osteoporosis...been taking it for over a week now and find my chest is so much better !!! I do not use my ventolin hardly now and do not have the horrible "caved in" feeling in my ribs.The downside is though that I do have muscle and bone pain which is common but odd as that is what it is trying to treat.Has anyone else experienced this ???

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I am on Natecal D3 ,supposed to take 2 daily but often forget.I have never been aware of them having any effect on breathing and the need to use Ventolin. It will be interesting to hear the opinions of others.

This shows that taking high levels of vit d does improve breathing !!!n

mypeppa,many thanks for that info, I must mend my ways and do as I`m told. Shows the value of this site once again.

i was put on Calcium and D3 a while back for osteoporosis (as a precaution) however after reading up on it I have increased my D3 to 5,000 i.u. and get these tablets myself to help improve my asthma. I am sure it has helped as my asthma is quite severe. Like you it hasnt improved my muscle and bone pain at all but I have faith that it might prevent fractures in the future

Yes I would sooner have a bit of pain in muscles and be able to breathe better...glad it is not my imagination that it was the d3 helping me.It must help to strengthen muscles supporting lungs.

have you had your b12 checked this is something you should look at look on line and read what is said about b12 read some of the free pages on this book

i take ubiquinol/coq10 for my bones and also just started b12

Wish someone would tell my lungs, have been taking high dose vit d3 (colecalciferol) and alendronic acid for years for osteoporosis, yet lungs just get steadily worse., although osteo not worsened to any great degree. Sadie xx

PS Too much Vit D3 can be toxic so you must always consult your gp before increasing this and any other meds,

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Thanks for warning Sadie - just in time as I was thinking of increasing my dose.

Hi peppa

Its interesting tho I see the study only tested 50 patients so results not statistically valid

However apparently about 60% of us are vit D deficient and it does have a definite impact on a range of diseases including cancer

I found the below quite interesting from

Im going to start taking some ... it can't hurt


'A high proportion of people living in the UK- approximately 65%- don’t get enough vitamin D. In the winter and spring 1 in 6 people has a severe deficiency. You may be one of these people, but not be aware of it. It is a problem because it can affect your energy levels and wellbeing now, and make a great difference to your health in the future.'

'Can getting enough vitamin D stop me from getting cancer?

We believe it can make a big difference. A recent study showed that women with sufficient levels of vitamin D were 77% less likely to develop breast cancer. Not getting enough vitamin D has also been linked to MS, diabetes, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer and a range of other cancers and diseases.'

How do I get more vitamin D?

There are a few simple things you can do:

• Be sure to get more sunshine. Don’t burn, but do spend time outdoors and expose your skin to the sun when you can... some scientists even believe that sunbathing topless can help women to fight off breast cancer more effectively.

• Eat more oily fish- such as salmon and mackerel- and up the number of mushrooms you eat.

• Take a daily supplement. Current recommended daily allowances in the UK do not reflect the new understanding we have that vitamin D is needed by a number of organs, as well as to keep our teeth and bones healthy. So, we recommend that you take 2,000 IU (International Units) every day if you are healthy, and 5,000 IU if you are living with cancer.'

hi all have you had your b12 checked as this can also be a problem when its your ones and muscles i am taking b12 ,vitamin d and calcium as i have had very bad side effects from statins

Hi suki

My mother had shocking reactions to statins, full fibromyalgia, which I think is muscle inflammation, was given huge does of steroids, which also did not make her whole lot more healthy.... her gp did not recommend vits at all.

As a result I have a bit of an attitude to statins

hope all goes well for you


thank you

what should your level of vitamin d be ?and do you know what b12 results should be

Hi all, recently the specialist nurse at PR told me that the latest recommendation is to take vit D all year round and not just October through to March. She said they are making amazing discoveries on the benefits of taking it & not only for bone health.

It was useful to read above the optimim dose is 2000iu.

I also take B12 but I'm not sure of the correct dose - does anyone please?

Hi there! I was sent to an endocrinologist,whom is also a lung specialist.He sent me for bloods,that I had never had before,showing the amounts of vit.D in the body,as well as B12.Well he was amazed(asI was) at the absolute lack of it I my body.

I was put on B12 injectionsx 2 a week,then graduated down to 1 per week,then fortnightly,& for the last few months,have 1 injection per month,which will be for the rest of my life.Boy did I feel the difference,in energy terms.

As for the vitamin D,I take 2 capsules per day(2.000) & my levels eventually came up to a decent level.

Keep in mind I live in am out & about in the sunshine a lot.I asked him,if I sun baked in the nuddy,to scare the neighbors,would it make a difference lol!! His reply was a definite no! It's just a case of my body not absorbing it.

Sorry for such a long post,but thought it might interest some of you.

Love Wendells xxxx

Ps.Also take 1calcium a day also


hi Wendells what where your vit d levels and b12 levels and what are they now

what are the levels for b12 and vitamin d please anyone

Hi all I am not on any other meds just my Spiriva and Ventolin but have always taken vits and minerals after working for many years in nutrition.I take a high strenth vit b complex as it is water soluable so you lose what body doesn't need.I also have a multi vit and take lots of vit c as well as a healthy diet.I only started taking this high dose vit d3 as it was given to me by my lung consultant to treat my bone probs...must say I still get breathless of course but seem to have less mucus and as I suffer from panic attacks I do not feel that "drowning feeling " as much.Hope this helps x

hi I was interested in what you said about 'drowning feeling' as this is how I used to feel with my asthma until I got put on theophylline which did stop that

I read on mypepa's link 2000 iu's D3 for normal and 5000 iu if cancer. Mine comes in mcg, I take 25mcg. ??

Not sure about dose for B12. Mine is an odd measurement, like a back to front 4 then g, I take 100?g

Wish I knew exactly what they mean & if I'm taking enough.

Hi peeg, is it ug ?? there are conversion tables on Google..just put figures into see x

ooo ta, I'll give it a go, I want to take the best dose :)

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Hi, I started taking D3 having read somewhere about the possible benefits. Then an argument broke out between my local hospital and Bristol RI as to whether or not I have sarcoidosis. Referee Royal Brompton as still not given an opinion after 2 months (not sure if hosp sent the slides to be fair). Point being that if sarcoid I may be producing high levels of D3 if not sarcoid then levels might be low. If notsarc I will definitely take D3! My elder daughter was at a conference where she met a German who told her their doctors were routinely giving D3 to everyone going to their clinics as they had had 3 wet summers and, therefore, had lower D3 levels making them more ill. I also read somewhere that D3 is eliminated from the body once it has enough. Caveat, I know nothing but have been reading loads. Worth talking to doc and doing some research so you feel a bit more knowledgeable. Good luck, Alison

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Thanks Alison,interesting to gp never really has time always rushing you and my consultant will not comment about things,my web link above does say about d3 helping with you say though could just be general better health so therefore I am not getting constant underlying viruses which help make a clearer chest...breathing more freely.On hols this next 2 weeks so will let you all know more after running around (I wish ) after 18month old grand daughter !!!

Incidentally, 2 years ago I went to doc having felt unwell for 6 months+ She said I had obviously had a massive bleed as i was very anaemic - low red cell count, low iron each cell and low volume. Can't tolerate iron tabs so take Floradix - expensive for us! Upped red meat, ate every iron containing food possible and managed to get levels up. Then lungs big probs. Loads of rubbish blah, blah. Then chest consultant last week said I was rather anaemic. Amazed as taking B complex and B12 (thanks to daz) and the liquid iron. He asked when i last had a check up for my UC. He was shocked when i said 1999. Apparently I should have been checked annually as there is a high correlation between severe UC and bowel cancer. Hey ho. Must admit i was surprised when doc did not investigate the anaemia 2 years ago. He said I should not be having to dose myself for something so serious. Good point. Hate to think how I'll I would be feeling now without! :-) :-) Alison

My mother in law has UC and was found recently once again to be anaemic...happened a few years ago and they did nothing much,now she has b12 injection monthly and told to eat iron rich food as possible. Malabsorption causes Pernicious Anemia....wonderful x

Informative article below from NHS Choices

Hi Mypeppa, Unfortunately I have not noticed any improvement in my chest with taking D3 and Calcium.

However I still have a low level of D3, perhaps when I get my levels up I will notice a difference but it takes time.

I also take calcium for Osteoporosis, it makes no difference to my lung conditions.

Worth remembering though that when you take Calcium and D3 you also need other trace minerals and especially Magnesium otherwise it will not go into the bones efficiently and can cause problems. The other very important factor with D3 which people (and even the instructions for taking it) forget to mention is that it is fat soluble and you will not absorb it unless you have some fat at the same time or in your recent meal.

If you do not absorb the D3 then the calcium cannot be absorbs properly either.

Low fat diets as well as use of high factor sun creams have contributed to the deficiency of D3 in many people worldwide.

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