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My thanks

I don't come on here that often - even less since the set up has been changed! - but I have noticed that many of you seem to possess a blue badge., Now I don't claim to be horrendously handicapped by emphysemia but I do get short of breath, especially in a town setting or transporting shopping. So I applied - and much to my delight I have been successful. I now look forward to revisiting places I haven't been in years. Thank you for giving me the inspiration of applying. You really don't know until you try.

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Good for you applying wowsa, you will notice its invaluable during winter months and when feeling unwell, allows you to get out more on bad weather days just by being able to park closer to where you need to go.

Best wishes BC

Well done Wowsa, that will make a huge difference to you. I certainly wouldn't be without mine now.

Bobby xxxx

I wouldn't be without mine, wowsa. We have had so many trips where it has come in useful. Love Annie

They are great aren't they? I have 18 months left to run on mine. I doubt I will get it renewed when the time comes. People seem to have had a terrible time getting hold of them. I feel a bit of a fraud having mine and seeing the terribel things people have had to go through only to be refused.

Marie x

What's a blue badge? 

The Blue Badge scheme provides parking concessions for people with severe walking difficulties who travel either as drivers or passengers. The scheme also applies to people who are registered blind and people with very severe upper limb difficulties who regularly drive a vehicle but cannot turn a steering wheel by hand. LLAP, Eric 😊

Oh....the disability plaque or plate?!

I got one about a year ago. I don't use it all the time, just when I feel I need it. Some days I can walk quite a distance, other days I can hardly walk the length of myself. It's also handy when there are time constraints ie I might be able to get to B from A but it would take ages. One thing I can no longer do is hurry.

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Excellent news wowsa .

don't forget to display it when parking in restricted places and read all the information you get with your blue badge!

Happy outings wowsa


Glad to hear of your success wowsa, enjoy using it.I have one too but no car just use it when I am taken out now and again by car.

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