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502 Gateway,what does it mean?

Tried getting on to the site,for a few hours earlier today,but just kept getting the message 502 Gateway.

Any ideas of what is occuring?

Wendells xx

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Probably best if you email the lovely people at healthunlocked. I do whenever I have a problem and they are very helpful. Glad you made it through eventually. x

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Txs for reply Toci,good suggestion,will do that,xx

Hi Wendells, 502 error refers to a " Bad Gateway" error. In plain speak the problem

is not on your PC or web browser, but is at the "host" server or at BLF. Please report

this to BLF as it indicates a comms. problem on their servers. Am not an expert, have

some experience with servers, but in this case I just googled it ! All the best Adrian

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Txs Adrian,thought you sounded very knowledgable about it!!

Reported it,& have heard back from them,wanting to know the time etc,so have responded to it.

Cheers Wendells xx

Seems you are on top of this one Wendells. That was useful info adrian

it is a internet problem it just means that your computer is having a problem with the site that you are trying to axcess .

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