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Finding a Breathe Easy group


I have heard lots of good things about Breathe Easy groups and have googled for one near me.

The nearest is about 35 miles away .. I live in the sticks in darkest Somerset.

I have thought about starting one (I am not very ill yet but there must be people around here who are much worse than me and presumably have nowhere to go)

However since it is such a rural area, with an absolutely useless bus service I can't see how a group could be set up, as only those with cars or access to cars, and the money to travel could get to one.

Is there money (lottery) for setting up such groups? Are there guidelines, are there any other rural groups?

One of the several disadvantages to living in the sticks .... plusses being clean air, lovely views, low crime etc etc so not moaning too much

Any ideas welcome


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Hi Beth, why not try ringing the BLF helpline tomorrow? 03000 030 555. They will sure either know the answers or will be able to direct you to someone who does.

Good plan

I will try that tomorrow and let you know ..... to be honest not v hopeful

I have read about Breath Easy groups with large memberships, not sure it could ever work here

However ... ever onward!!



BLF has loads of information about how to start and run a group, but from experience of my own group, getting people to attend is almost impossible. We have over 60 members but only about a dozen come to the monthly meetings. Apathy rules these days!

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