Another reason to be grateful for the NHS

Been having a look see at a couple of USA lung disease sites. They were filled with questions like - I can't afford oxygen anyone got any ideas?. And how much is the cost of............. There was one story of an elderly couple who lived in Canada where they got free health care. But every year they insisted on visiting Florida for 3 months. Because of their health they couldn't get travel insurance and their daughter was terrified that they would become ill in Florida and it wipe out their life savings. She was trying to persuade them not to go but her dad loved his tropical sunshine and is insisting.

Isn't it awful to have to worry about health costs like that. Thank God for the NHS - It isn't perfect but at least it's there!

Bev x

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  • Totally agree, hyper. We are very lucky to have the NHS. There are many problems partly because we are treating too many people who have never contributed but the alternative is terrifying. My kid's father went to live in America and he kept telling the kids how wonderful everything was - best doctors in the world, blah, blah. Then, eventually, he became v sick and was, indeed v well looked after until the insurance ran out. Silly, selfish whatsit is buried over there! My kids got nothing ... Hey, ho. :-) Alison

  • Yes agreed without the NHS many of us would not be able to buy our treatment like they have to in other countries,so would have to tolerate our symptoms or find cheaper cures that maybe don't really work. Plus the NHS keeps many people in work rather than on benefits.Some of my family live in America and some in Australia as you say they have to have insurance and medical treatment is expensive so insurance can soon run out.

  • The NHS ,we've got it. Don't knock it.


  • I agree that the NHS is still magnificant. Some of the stories I read are so heartbreaking it made me cry. Ill people living in fear because they can't afford treatment or being massively in debt. One woman there said she was 150 k in debt! Could you imagine that?

    Bev x

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