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Hi every body I posted on here about a month ago for the first time and decided to go ahead with the claim for A/A for my husband and am pleased to tell you that it was granted at the higher rate.I did take my time and fill the forms in myself and sent all copies of consultants letters, hospital discharge forms,and medication list.This money is going to make a tremendous difference to us as it has opened up other doors like pension credit and council tax rebate because I myself am already in receipt of the lower rate of A/A as I have secondary b/c.

I would like to ask willowgirl if her parents had to pay for a wet room and does it depend on whether you own your own house as we are desperately in need of a downstairs toilet but cannot really afford this at the moment.I might add that I didn't fill my own forms in my Macmillan nurse did that for me but I did a copy of them at the time and that gave me an insight as to what I needed to say when doing it for my husband.

I do not post very often as you know but I do read all your posts and find them all interesting and the information i get from you all is wonderful..

I send my best wishes to you all


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Well done Macie. I also have my own home. I don't have a wet room but, after being assessed, I have had other help and not had to pay for it. It depends on your income/savings rather than home ownership.


Thankyou Toci for your reply, We have a minimum amount of savings and just our pensions as income with the added benefits since receiving the A/A so I will probably make some enquiries.


Good for you Macie, well done. So good to hear some happy news :-)


Perseverance paid off .Well done Macie


Your daily humour tonic


Good news Macie - pleased for you.



Well done Macie. You did it. :-) :-) Alison


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