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well here's me stuck in Hospital yet again

Been here since Sunday morning 4am, been prodded pocked, stuck and stabbed till i'm black ad blue, and still to no avail, trouble is it's not Chorley its bloody Preston Royal, the staff are always at logger heads with each other, they are at this moment at my bedside arguing over who wrote what on my med chart and they won't listen to me, i self medicate. the doc has ok'd my script so what is their problem, las t night i almost walked out, a nurse tried to give me intravenus anti biotics which had not been prescribed, then they tried to whip the the lad in the next bed down to x-ray for a ct scan, and it wasnt even him, wrong bed, wrong person, wrong condition, poor lad hadn't a clue what was going on, for a start they woke him up, plus he,s on 24 hr intavenus Morphine, ahd a motor bike accident, smahed his collar bone and ankle, took me half an hour to convince thm his name was Ian not Charles.

just goes to show, should be the patients running the hospitals and the staff actually listeng to how its done !!!!!!!

DD aka Azaard

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get in touch with the patients organisation PALS ... they may be able to help you get better treatment. Report this to the management of the hospital too. They badly let my Mum down and this led to many new procedures to avoid in future for others to benefit.

I am amazed and appalled at your post. It is believable because I have heard the same story over and over. Luckily in this area, the hospitals have an excellent reputation, near Cambridge but they all should be the same. I agree with juliekkay, PALS, your MP, Daily Mail whoever you can think - love annieseedxx

hi annieseed leave pals out there rubbish ive been waitin 8month no reply yet bout my ex gp,take care

I always thought they had the name over the bed and a wrist strap with name on, its incredible what happened something needs to be done about it.

Not here they dont

hi dileydoo,get on to daily mailman tell nurse wat u getting paid there always moanin bout pay well earn it,take care

That's horrendous azaard. I can't imagine the hell confused patients must go through. Hope you feel much better soon. xxxx Alison

I had a similar experience last year Dicky Boo. It is terrifying to know your life is in the hands of incompetents. Get well soon. :(

So sorry DD you are in 5*, especially one which appears so incompetent. Glad my recent stay in 5* wasn't like that, although I did learn at an early age you have to be your own advocate whether in hospital or in the community with a chronic illness.

Hope your stay is short and you feel better soon.

love cx

So sorry you are back in hope you are feeling a bit better now. I thought Preston Royal was get their sh1t sorted after all the bad publicity. I agree with the others complain that is the only way things are going to change.

Keep Breathing

Janet xxx

Just had ahead to head with the ward manager, if she cant do the job piss and stick her head down theme sluce, I've. Gone 14 hrs with no meds even the doc burst out laughing when i said it.. Needless to say it did not go down well, I've also been down the general office and put in a general formal complaint, and will be seeing the hospital admin team tomorrow. Don't think they want what's gone on all over the lep and national oress

Things went downhill when they did away with community health councils 12 years ago they sorted peoples problems out you take care xxx

main problem with this hossy is ward managers don't listen to medical staff, you don't even need a background in health care to get the job, all you need is quals in budgeting and financial management

That's not good dd is it? doesn't give you much confidence in them. I remember being in hospital years ago with an infected leg. I had been on IV but when the consultant came round the next day he said don't need IV any more. About an hour later a nurse came to give me another IV. I told her what the consultant had said. She checked and two nurses said well he hadn't put it in his medical notes so started to give me another IV. They gave me a patronising smile while saying this. Fortunately another nurse came over and said - yes she had heard him say that. They immediately stopped it on her say so. I thought then do they think I'm stupid? Why would I say this otherwise?

Bev x

Get well soon DD and get the hell out of there! You couldn't make it up could you? What the hell is going on? I am keeping Pete away from hospitals if at all possible as I know that I have more knowledge about his illness and meds than any hospital. You take care now. xxxxx

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