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Chris is now back home

Chris went into hospital on Monday for keyhole surgery to remove tumour from kidney. This was only found when Chris had MRI scan in February when he had heart valve replacement so we are very fortunate. Op went well and we went to help him escape from hospital last night at 9pm!! Sees Consultant in 2 weeks and make sure it has all been removed. Wee bit sore but relieved that it is done. We are a right pair. Last year we wouldn't take a paracetamol between us and this year Chris had virus, or so he thought, in February and ended up having heart valve replaced and then kidney op. I found out I had COPD 2nd July 2013.

Chris laughed this morning and said he has another pill to add to his collection. Got me thinking of maybe getting a pill dispenser to put dose in. Can you buy them at Chemist? Don't want them already in there as want to put them in ourselves.

Thank you all so much for your kind wishes for Chris's op. Much love to you all xx

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Glad to hear Chris is now home - great news, You can buy tablet boxes with the days of the week on from chemists.

love cx


Many thanks Cofdrop. I will pick one up from chemist. Hope you are well xxx


So happy for you both,that all went well.What a relief for both of you.

Yes, as cofdrop said,they usually have a range in the chemists,with either just daily ones,or am & pm as well.

Love to you& Chris,take care,

Wendells xxx


Many thanks Wendells. Glad op is out of the way now and await results in 2 weeks when see Consultant which I am sure will be fine. Take care xxx


So glad he is home and the operation is a success and you are coping with c.o.p.d.


Thank you Rick. Are you feeling better after pleurisy? Hope you are and pain now gone. xx


Thanks twinks the pain has subsided now but still have the cough.


Thanks for letting us know twinks, so glad Chris is home safe and sound. Here's to continued healing.

Good wishes BC


That's great Twinks, thanks for letting us know.

All the best to you both. peeg


Glad you both seem to be getting better. You can also buy pill boxes in the 1.00 shop. Probably be cheaper then chemists.

Bev x


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