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I really need some advice

Since starting my Immunoglobulin Replacement Therapy (Transfusion of antibodies)

Now My body has went into sleep mode.

I get up in the morning do my usual shower, shave , have breakfast, read my paper and

fall asleep

wake up at 1100 take my nebuliser have some lunch and

fall asleep

wake up 1600 take my nebuliser have some dinner and

fall asleep

wake up 1900 take my nebuliser go to bed and you have guessed it

fall asleep

I feel that I am going back to baby mode only awake when I want fed.

I went to my Breathe easy Group yesterday and you guessed it again I

Fell asleep

Although I do not go back to my clinic for my next transfusion until the 20 August and wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience and any advice.

Thank you Berwick

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Gosh Graeme that is a lot of sleeping!you must be getting fed up with it, I don't know what would help I'm afraid, have you told the doctors, perhaps they could suggest something, I could do with some energy too! I tried caffine tablets once but I don't think they are very good for you :( sorry I can't think of something good, sleep good :) zzzzz huff xxxxxx


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