Azithromycin for Bronchiectasis as a prophylactic?

Has anyone had experience taking Azithromycin 3 times a week for Bronchiectasis? Have had this condition for 50+ yrs now, but having repeated/varied infections, so been prescribed this treatment as a prophylactic. Apparently works to reduce inflamation, but am bit concerned about side effects(hearing damage, liver checks needed etc). Would love to hear of others experiences with this drug & other treatments for Bronchiectasis.

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I have been taking this twice a week for nearly 12 months now and I have had only one exacerbation in that time. I was getting them about every 4/5 weeks previously. I have had no side effects with it which is unusual because I normally do with antibiotics. I also use Symbicort 2/3 puffs 3 times daily, Spiriva once a day and I have a nebuliser for salbutomal and saline which I only use when necessary. I already have a slight problem with my liver (not through alcohol) but the Azi has made no difference to my regular enzymes readings.

Anyway you can but try it and maybe it will help you as it has me


Yes, I have been on it for a few years with no side effects.M

Me to thank goodness, was having continous infections before Azi hope I can stay on them, don't know if there is any time scale, I have been on them for over 2 years now.

polly xx

Hi, I know lots of bronchiectatics who find Azith prophilactically of great benefit. They not only help to reduce inflammation but also break down the biofilms around some of the bugs we grow, so treatment abs can do their job when necessary.

Unfortunately mycins and I don't get on - wish we did.

It is difficult weighing up benefits/drawbacks of all drugs I agree. It does seem folks on azith report less infections.

Good luck

love cx

Hi, I have it daily and have for several years without any problems. Hope it works okay for you. Take care, Richard.

Hi 1711, I'm waiting for results of my recent CT scan. My GP has said that if it's bronchiactasis the treatment/management of it is Azithromycin 3 x weekly.

Since 1st being prescribed it in December 2012 it's the only antiB that's cleared my infections taken 3 x a week for a month.

I read about concerns regarding taking it but also read recently that benefits of taking it far out weigh the risks (if any). I will definitely take it again with confidence.

If you are still concerned you could email the blf for their opinion. Take care. Peeg

Pete takes it for sarcoidosis/copd to keep chest infections at bay and it does work very well with no side effects that I know of. Good luck to you. xxx

I just heard about taking azithromycin 3 times a week for inflammation>infection. Do you take a probiotic with azithromycin? What stage of copd (emphysema) are all of you?

Hi everyone who responded to my question, thank you, it's good to hear such positive experiences. I've decided to take Azi now & hope it will help me avoid so many flare ups. Interesting to hear that it helps to breakdown biofilms so the antibiotic matched to these infective 'bugs' may be more effective. I'm trying to avoid IV treatment if I can. (Had to have it twice in last 2 years, but not this year so far!) Also getting back to pulmonary rehab sessions, so hoping for better health this winter.

Thanks to all. Would appreciate other experiences of long-term treatment for bronchiectasis, have not come across many people who have this condition & it can be a bit isolating.

Best wishes


Hi 1711 there is a fantastic site called Bronchiectasis- R Us which will give lots and lots of information concerning Bronc, all about exercise, gadets to help you bring up sputum. names of good consultants to see in your area, where to start if just diagnosed,everyone on the site has Bronc or relatives with it, some were born with it, others have acquired it later in life. There is so much information on the site, it is worth taking a look at, u don't have to join, just visit as a guest and read some of the posts to find out things that can be of help to you, good luck Janie xx

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