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Does anybody know the best energy suppliers to use when on long term oxygen therapy?

I know that the suppliers refund payment to the electricity board, but I'm not sure if the amounts are correct. Certainly my usage has shot up since I have been on this machine and it's shocked me to the core. I have already paid approx £1,200 this year in electricity bills and live in a tiny 3 bed house. The bills used to be approx £80-120 a month, now they seem to be £100+ a week, and I'm sure that we havn't added any more electrical equipment. Is there a special deal or company for the disabled or those on medical equipment, and if so does anyone know where to find them? Any advice on this would be most appreciated as I can't afford to pay these prices. Thanks.

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Any electricity used for oxygen is, or should be, refunded to you.


The oxygen supplier will arrange to send you a cheque refunding electricity use; we are with Dolby Vivisol, they send us about £90 every 3 months, sadly in retrospect not advance! I owuld phone your supplier and make sure they have the refund system in place for you - although ours is only about £1 a day. Good luck



I am with Air products, I get about 9 pence per hour and they are a great company to deal with. Well manered and very polite and helpful.

Take care



Me too Berwick - I also can recommend Air Products.


Please contact your oxygen supplier, you should receive a rebate every 3 months for the electricity used by your concentrator. If you let your Oxygen supplier know your electric supplier & the tariff you are on they can give your rebate at the correct rate. When my tariff changed I just sent a copy of my bill to Dolby & they changed the rate they paid to me.


I'm with BOC who are a good company. When I visit relatives on the south coast I get it from Dolby. My relatives claim for the week I'm down there.


You have to be with the supplier for your area, I'm with Air Products they cover a large area and are an excellent company as others have said, always prompt with electricity refund.

Lib x


It sounds far to much .. how many hours a day are you running the machine.. I'm on 16 -17 hrs a day and haven't noticed much difference on my bills.. You should ask your oxygen supplier for some information about costs..

Good luck, ask them and get it sorted..


Your annual bill for oxygen use should be around £200 max, so wouldn't explain the £100 weekly charges. More likely the problem lies with your energy provider. You need to contact them and ask for reasons your bill has rocketed. Once you understand what is going on then use one of the excellent online energy comparison sites like theenergyshop, energyhelpline or even money supermarket and get a price comparison done. Most people can save upwards of £200 per annum by doing this and it will mean you can switch without charge to a cheaper deal.

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