Hedgehog declared National Species.....................KOTC

...........................................Hedgehog Street

As a member of Hedgehog Street I am delighted to tell all HealthUnlockders that the Noble Hedgehog has been voted 'National Species' in a recent poll.

1 Hedgehog 3849 votes 42%

2 Badger 2157

3 Oak Tree 950

4 Red Squirrel 730

5 Robin 620

6 Otter 270

7 Bluebell 198

8 Water Vole 150

9 Swallow 108

10 Ladybird 70

Look after our Hedgehogs please


7 Replies

  • I wish we had hedgehogs here in my garden Kingy, the slugs are having a field day with our veg!!! My daughter has a family of them in her garden,

    I think all of those animals & insects are national treasures & should be protected, however I,m declareing war on slugs!!!

    Karen xxxx

  • They are all God's creatures

  • Couldn't agree more.....thanks for the info King. The enclosed photo is a small structure that looked like a miniture lantern that I found suspended from the rafter of my garden shed. Soz not quite able to get it all in but I believe it was created by a queen wasp in the autumn for her to hibernate in and the two halves were sealed together by her once she was inside. . Come the following spring I found it open and flaking so carefully took it down and took this photo.

    Wow...what a work of art ! Lovelight x

  • Where do slugs come on this list?

  • Big ones ,fat ones ,little ones, spindly ones, gooey ones, yucky ones are all at the bottom of the list waiting to work their way up exblonde!

  • I promise to protect all hedgehogs from my dog at all costs!

  • What a lovely list - thank you - love them all xx

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