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Anyone Flown to Oz with Oxygen??

Saw my Respiratory Consultant today and asked the important question "Will I be ok to fly to Oz considering my breathing difficulties..." His response was to wait a few months, do another Lung Function Test and 'flight test' and see what the results are.

Problem is, I'm looking to fly out on Boxing Day (daughter and family have booked their ticket) so I doubt I'd get a seat if I wait to book it that late! So he's bought the LFT forward to a couple of weeks time. Based on the results I may/may not be able to go. I've been on Prednisolone for the last few months and will be on them for up to 12 months, so I guess this and the LFT Results will have a bearing on whether I can go or not.If I can, then he said I would need oxygen, and well, that ups the cost of Insurance, etc - which is fine if I can get there!

It's a trip I do often (before my illness) and once lived there, but just wondered if anyone has made the trip with their breathing compromised and had to go with oxygen, how they've coped etc. Any advice would be very welcome.

Many thanks

Jean :-)

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Hi Jean.

I'm not allowed to fly anymore,but previously did the Britain & return,a couple of times.

I don't need oxygen at home,but the flight tests showed,I had a rapid drop of 02 when take off started.So had to have it for the whole trip.Bit of a nuisance,& fairly costly,but the staff on the whole were quite good,& wheelchaired me everywhere at stop overs.

I did find I was quite whacked at the end of the journey,but soon got over it.

Do hope it all works out for you.Let us know how you get on.

Love Wendells xxx


I went with Emirates, Sorry couldn't help it. In a silly mood.x


If you only need oxygen for the flight, choose an airline which will supply it free of charge, i.e. British Airways. There are others, but sorry cannot remember their names at the moment. There was a big campaign about 3 years ago to get airlines to drop charges for supplying oxygen on flights - a lot did, but a lot still charge. Check before you book whether they charge or not! Some airlines will not tell you until you have booked, which is stupid.

Also re insurance, if you only need it for the flight, it should not be that expensive. The costs rocket when you are on long term oxygen therapy, i.e. at least 15 hours a day.

Good luck and hope you manage to get over there. I am planning to go to NZ, but cannot get from Oz to NZ with free oxygen at the moment, but will keep trying.


Thanks for the advice and tips, much appreciated. I've read quite a bit about it online and even a few YT Videos. Quite scary really, but I'll have to wait and see what the 'flight test' results come up with. I know my condition is bad and I think I know which way it might go if compromised in an aircraft - even with oxygen.

Fingers crossed though as I don't intend that my unforgettable trip back there last year was going to be my last!! I have plans to go back to the MCG and watch the Hawks play on as they have this season!!

Jean :-)

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Do hope your test results are good! Looks like the Hawks will be in the finals,even Richmond getting close this time!

Let us know what the final verdict is.Good luck,

Wendells xx


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