Feeling sorry for myself

Guess we all have these days and I may be being thoughtless when others could be worse than me. I started with a chest infection 8 days ago and while I don't feel as ill my oxygen levels are not improving although I am on 24/7 when I should only be using as and when necessary. My nurse tells me I need to keep coming off it but even without exertion it drops within 5 minutes just do not know what to do for the best. Talking puts me out of breath so it is easier to write and hope someone can offer any advice, explanation or any suggestions. I am beginning to wonder how long I am going to go on like this, should I now be watching the pennies or watch the kids enjoy what bit I have left or wait and hope I can enjoy it with them. Morbid, yeah soz but that's how I feel not sure how bad this illness is going to get or how long I can cope. Sorry but you are the only people who know how I feel and I know some of you are making a better job of it than me.. SusieQ

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  • Hi Susie

    Head down a bit is it? Been there. Most of us have. Chest infections can be nasty little buggers. Even after they have been well zapped by the antibiotics they still do their best to get you down. If my own experience is anything to go by it will take you a little while to get back to normal. Just come off the oxygen a bit at a time at your own pace. Nursey might be right but you are the one struggling to breathe. Give it a couple of months and you will laugh at all this. Good luck with it sweetheart.

    Bobby xxxx

  • Hi Susie,

    You are not being thoughtless for one minute. I have no doubt that you give to everyone and right now this infection has floored you and leaving you feeling extra vulnerable.

    Wish I had some advice to give Susie but I do know, it is not about others being worse off than you.............. you are important and talk, talk talk - don't struggle on your own.

    See Nurse again about your breathing and take care. xxxx

  • Dear SusieQ, I echo what Twinks says.

    I really feel for you and don't know what to say to make you feel any better. Only that I cannot say here how I feel at the moment (low and depressed, fighting a possible infection) because many are far worse than me but I'm not on oxygen at all, unlike you.

    You keep letting us know how you feel, it is sometimes difficult with friends and family to understand how you feel - especially when you put a brave face on.

    I sincerely hope you feel better soon and someone comes along soon with some advice on breathing. All the very best to you xxx

  • Hi SusieQ, I agree with twinks also, speak with your respiratory nurse again and ask about your oxygen levels dropping, also you might want to give the helpline a call on Monday 03000 030 555 for further advice and support, the Helpline is open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm. Chest infections do pass but you do need to keep a check on you 02 saturations. I hope you find things will improve for you real soon.

    All good wishes BC

  • I'm on 15 hours oxygen but my respiratory nurse says if I can do more hours then go ahead. So, in my opinion, if you need more time on oxygen then use it. Best to check with the professionals though.

  • Hi Seyre

    sorry to hear you are having problems with your breathing at the moment. You don't say exactly what your lung condition is. With some lung conditions such as COPD the balance of oxygen verus carbon dioxide in your blood stream is very delicate to balance and it is not unsual to have lower than normal oxygen levels and be able to function on them for a while, if this is the case with you, you do need to be guided by your respiratory nurse, perhaps just coming of the oxygen while sitting quietly watching TV and not trying to talk. Ironically with some COPD sufferers too much oxygen can have just as much a bad affect as too little oxygen so do speak again to your nurse

  • How are you feeling? Good idea from Blakey to ring the helpline you will get a second opinion from an expert. P xxx

  • Sorry you are down at the moment,hope things turn for you soon.I am recovering from a chest infection to,but unlike you,not on oxygen.Joes advice sounds good,do have a chat with resp.nurse,or other,as you need to feel at peace,with whatever you do.hope tomorrow's a better day.

    Love Wendells xxx

  • Hope you are soon feeling better.

  • Thank you all for your kind words. xx It is so good just to get the feelings off your chest. xx

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