I'm sitting here looking at my bookcase full of books I have read

I'm trying to think of my favourite authors. Have decided they are - not necessarily in order:

Steven King

Dick Francis

Susan Howatch

Denis Wheatley

Nicci French

Jean Plaidy/Victoria Holt (sad I know)

What's all yours?

Bev x

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  • Oooops forgot Dean Koontz - sorry Mr Koontz :d

  • Interesting topic - here's my contribution:

    Dick Francis (snap!)

    Maeve Binchy

    Terry Pratchett

    P D James

    Agatha Christie

    Ian Rankin

    Nevil Shute

    Also not in any particular order. As you can see I enjoy crime novels! There are many others, but I decided to restrict myself to the first few I thought of.

  • Glad there's someone else still up at this time of night jabber. Interesting selection. I love Dick Francis though I don't generally like crime books.

    Bev x

  • I find John Le Carre and Jeffrey Archer irresisible.

  • My top authors, in no particular order, are:

    John Le Carre

    P D James

    Peter Robinson

    Lee Child

    Robert Crais

    Michael Connolly

    Bobby xxx

  • Hi I spent most of Sunday reading an Ann Cleeves book, it was a Vera Stanhope murder mystery novel, I bought a set of them cheap from the Book People. Charity shops 10 books for a pound are my favourite tho!

    Patricia Cornwell

    Peter Robinson

    Alexander MCCall Smith....the no1 ladies Detective Agency (not his others)

    Gervaise Phinn

    Miss Read

    A very strange mix! And any self help book...even sadder.

  • Hilary Mantel (just the historical ones)

    William Boyd (have most of his)

    Phillipa Gregory

    Robert Hughes

    Kate Mosse

    my 5 fave above but also got weird & wonderful mix on my book shelves from classics to the Grey Trilogy

  • I read anything that is free on Kindle LOL. xx

    Excuse me I'm feeling flippant to-day

  • Behave yourself ex-blonde :d

    Bev x

  • Jeffrey Archer

    E V Thomson

    Lilly Baxter

    Iris Gower

    Anna Jacobs

    Lesley Pearse

    Ruth Hamilton as hers are set in Bolton and I know all the places that she talks about.

    Anna Jacobs starts off in England then ends up in western Australia when people where just beginning to settle there Wendell you might find them interesting.


  • Love Philippa Gregory too - got all her wideacre books. I got a mixture too - from pulp fiction to classics (more of the former than the latter unfortunately :d )

    I love science fiction too.

    Bev x

  • My favourite authors are -

    Jeanette Winterson

    Henry Miller

    Virginia Woolf

    Marilyn French

    Stieg Larsson

    Angela Carter

  • I love nearly all books and there a couple of Authors that I have on pre-order otherwise I just get what suits my mood at that particular time. I have just read The Last Runaway by Tracey Chevalier which was very good

    JD Robb is my favourite favourite :D

  • Enid Blyton and er um oh u know


  • A A Milne?

  • Joe Nesbo

    Bernard Cornwell

    And any book about cricket

  • stephen king

    dean koontz

    james patterson

    jeffery deaver

    harlen coben

    martina cole

    tami hoag

    karin slaughter

    karen rose

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