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The end of the line thank,s

I would like to thank all of you who have responded to my post, I am so glad I have friends who have so much compassion and caring attitude. I wish you all lived nearer me and we could meet at some time. I feel quite lonely at the moment as my family do not have any feelings towards my brother and I am sure are quite relieved he is gone. Today was my 40th wedding anniversary, not the best I could have planned. Please do keep in touch, I need friends at the moment.

Love Viv

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What part of the country are you in ?


((((Viv)))) we are all here for you - anna xxxx


Big hugs to you dear Viv.Your post came up on my pc,but have never seen one from you before this!! Don't know what happened there.Better late than never I guess!

Soo sorry to hear you are feeling down,reading back on your profile now,very understandable.Do hope things work out soon for you.It must have been hard about your brother,when you obviously care for him,but maybe now,it's time to concentrate on you for a change!

The alpacas are gorgeous,they must be a blessing to you.

I live in can't drop in for a cuppa unfortunately,though would love to,anyway always here to have a chat,if you feel up to it.

May I congratulate you,on your 40 years?! Great effort,bit sad hubby cant be more supportive,maybe deep down he is scared of his future(selfishly!)It would be so much easier for you,if you could support each other.Never mind,as our past Prime minister said 'life wasn't made to be easy'!! To true for some of us!

Happy you seem to be getting support on here,you badly need it at the moment,

Love Wendells xxx

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You have been through an awful lot recently Viv. It's bound to have a huge impact on you. I won't say happy anniversary as I know from past posts things are not as great as they could be. I'm not surprised you feel alone at times. Could you not join a group to meet new people? Something to get you out a bit?

Lynne xx

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Hi Viv, whatever your future may bring you can rely on having us here to share your journey through both the good times and the bad.

All the very best Viv hope things improve for you and endorse Lynne's advice above.



Hi Viv I agree with Chris we are here anytime for you even just to chat If we cannot cheer you up who can, we have all been there high low or near despair, Good Luck don't stay away to long. mattcass


Hi Viv, I have also not seen any previous posts from you but just want to send you heartfelt sympathy and hope that things will improve for you in the very near future. Take heart that everyone is here for you. Take care. xxxx


We are all here for you Viv. Most of us have lost a loved one and know how you feel. I lost my mother in June so I can relate to you. You will have to go through the grieving process and it affects everyone differently. But you will get there. Do you attend your local Breatheasy Group? They usually meet once a month and it could be an opportunity for you to make new friends. All the best.

Bev xx


Great idea from Hypercat ... finding people who we can share with is important ...whether Breatheasy, Pulmonary Rehab group, local art group or whatever you are interested in... you can meet friends and aquaintances that way and feel much less alone. Your bro would want you to grab as much life as you can :) xxx Take care, Julie


Hello Viv we are all here to help one another keep posting and look forward to hearing from you again.



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