Oxygen & Dry skin my remedy

I have struggled with dry flaky skin since first being put on long term oxygen therapy (LTOT) in 2009. I also take furosemide which does not help. I found that Saltine spray helps with the nasal dryness but was unable to deal effectively with the dry flaky skin on arms & legs.

We are advised not to use oil based creams when using oxygen but I have found that aqueous cream does not do anything for my skin. However I have now found a solution. an old fashioned remedy.......Epsom Salt Bath. it has worked wonders in just one use leaving my skin soft, silky & no sign of flaking. I cannot believe that after 4 years I now have soft silky skin.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

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  • Hi Jo, thanks so much for sharing this with us. Is it called Saltine spray or did you mean saline nasal spray?

    I have used Magnesium flakes and oil which can be expensive but whenever I bath in magnesium I sleep so long and soundly. I also have some Pink Himalayan salts, which are also a luxury but the next best things to soaking the body in the ocean I think :)

    What brand of the Epsom Bath Salts do you have? Is it from the chemist or supermarket?

    Many thanks


  • Hi epsonsalts.co.uk are very reasonable with free next day delivery , we are just haveing a wet room installed but miss my bath lol but these salts are so relaxing chris x

  • Thanks Chris :) x

  • Hi BlakeyC, I use Sterimar Isotonic nasal spray but I'm sure any saline spray would be of help. I am currently using the Eco Bath from Holland & Barrett which is basically magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) but I'm sure that there are others available at varying prices.

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • Thanks again Jo

  • You could also try taking fish oil capsules. A dietician recommended that I take up to 200 mg per day for dry skin caused by oxygen use.

  • Also vitamin E cream was recommended to me after mastectomy , which is very good for scar tissue and dry skin super drug do a very good one reasonable price. Chris x

  • Thanks Chrisy I think this is an oil based cream which is best avoided when using oxygen.

  • Hi Jojam

    I also have dry skin and I am on long term oxygen. I just use and off the shelf male skin moisturiser. My question is why should we not use oil based creams

  • Hi Winebuff,, If you are on LTOT you should have received this advice with your oxygen equipment from your supplier. You could also read the BLF web pages regarding oxygen. Also see link to page where this has been discussed before. healthunlocked.com/!/#blf/p...

    Best wishes


  • Tks Jo. I have done some more research and had a chat to British Oxygen. I am clearer now, though I suspect the danger is pretty low.

  • Thanks Toci I already do this but it did not solve the dry skin problem.

  • My skin gets very dry and I used Doublebase Gel (as recommended on here) but find good old E45 cream, cheap and cheerful really is the best thing.

  • Thanks Sylvsmum, I do not think either are suitable for use with oxygen as both are oil based.

  • Wow - thanks so much for all this information - I had no idea my dry skin was caused by oxygen use - duh!! Live and learn, especially on this amazing site!


  • Hello Jude, Glad you find the site useful.

  • Hi Lib. I'm glad to hear that but as oil based products did not work for me I prefer not to take the risk.. I may feel differently if I had found one that worked but as I said Epsom salts bath has solved the problem.

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • Hi Lib, you believe in living life dangerously then?. When's your next bungee jump?

  • thanks. will try this. My arms are really scaly now !

  • Hi Julie, hope it works for you :-)

  • Hi jojam! have you tried Olive oil, coconut oil or there is Eperderm a 3 in 1 emoliant that can be used in the bath & after, from mother of son with asthma, my son also has exceama which gets quite bad sometimes its so frustrating sometimes his skin is like sandpaper mainly his knees elbows & shins or shoulders sometimes he drinks plenty of fluids though so I don't know why he gets so dry I understand how frustrating dry skin is I also have dry skin, Hope this is of help! Would like to know if it helps Good luck!

  • Hi kaz67

    Its dangerous for Oxygen users to use oil based products.


    Link above refers.. See comments by MarkBLF Helpline, ~Toci and myself

  • Thank you Kaz, I'm on oxygen so oil based products are not suitable for my use. I have found that Epsom salts bath has solved my dry skin problems so do not require any help. My post was to inform others in the hope it may be of help. Maybe it would help your son, do let me know if it does.

  • Your right Epsom salts are great in the bath for getting rid of all the toxins. Another remedy you may want to try is to cut the foot off an old pair of nylon tights and put a large handful of porridge oats and lavender in. Then tie it to the hot water tap as you fill the bath. It creates avery soothing, natural bath, and your skin feels wonderful. I have the same problem, but I do this as often as I can and I find it really helps. Good luck with it, I hope it is of some benefit.

  • Thank you Kelda, Yes the porridge oats & lavender is also very soothing, Most old remedies are best.

    Best Wishes

    Jo :-)

  • I have COPD and have to use nebulisers and oxygen and was told I could use nothing that contained liquid paraffin. All my skin had become 'flaky' and I was desperate to find something that helped clear it. I did a lot of research before I found Faith in Nature and ordered shower gel, soap, hair shampoo and conditioner. I felt safe using them and am really impressed. My last buy was the moisturiser. After only one use, my skin has radically improved. I will definitely stick to these products in the future and recommend them to anybody else who has the same problem I have.

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