Great News from my Chest Consultant.Mattcass

Hi All, Great news The Edinburgh team who took on my case from my local hospital because I had the two illnesses IPF along with RA well the top Consultant in Scotland told me today I don't have Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis I just have Pulmonary Fibrosis he did state I am still very ILL but the speed that between the Idiopathic and the RA should slow down but again cannot guarantee the RA wont attack my Lungs again, He was astounded when I told him me and Fran walked 3 or 4 mile every time the RA let me out,He said away you go see you at Xmas, My visit to my Rheumy doc was a disaster I will post you an update tomorrow, Just opened a lovely bottle of wine, Cheers mattcass

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  • Have a good evening Matt and great news.


  • Oh good news I'm overjoyed for you, savour that wine look at each other's smile !

    Happy people, great post thank you.


  • good news for you MC, have a lovely evening xxx

  • What good news mattcass- well perhaps better news than you had feared!

    I have PF started by Sjogren's - the series of chemo treatments i had about 18months ago seemed to calm down my immune system and slow down the advance of the PF - they say it has not got much worse in the last 12 months. Unfortunately I have developed pulmonary hypertension which is making me very breathless (also due to SS), but the Brompton PH team are treating me for this so am hopeful that will also slow down or improve also.

    Take care and enjoy your wine!!


  • Enjoy the tipple! Great news xx

  • glad you got some good news mattcass, cheers to you. :)

    Anna xx

  • Great news and not so great - celebrate the great and tell us about the not so great. Raising a glass to you both :) xx

  • Bottoms up Mattcass! have a lovely evening, and I hope you don't have a bad head tomorrow! great news xxxxx

  • Cheers Mattcass. :)

  • Here's to you mattcass, chink ... Alison :-)

  • Well that's some good news Mattcass isn't it? Hope things keep going right for you.

    Bev x

    Ps Whats RA please?

  • Hi Bev, it is good news should prolong my lungs I hope if the RA behaves

    Rheumatoid Arthritis, mattcass

  • That is good news all the more important now to have a good rheumy who'll help you to get and keep the RA under control.

  • Thinking of you Mattcass and wishing you well. Will raise a glass to you and everyone else on the Isle of Wight next week. Take care all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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