Latest news...............Today when I awoke you were gone............KOTC

........................................Waiting for you

You appeared from no where and shamelessly, without any reservations ,

you laid on my naked body.

You sensed my indifference, so you applied your hungry mouth to me

without any guilt or humiliation, and,

you drove me near crazy while you drained me. Finally I drifted off to sleep.

Today when I awoke you were gone

I searched for you but to no avail, only the sheets bore witness to last night's events.

My body still bears faint marks of your enthusiastic ravishing,

making it all the more difficult to forget you

Tonight I will remain awake, waiting for you ............................









You Damn Mosquito



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39 Replies

  • OMG - King, I could see the mods reaching for the delete button. Wondered if you had been peeping at 50 Shades. What a hoot!!

  • It is all in the mind annie

  • Ha ha Richard. You certainly caught out those with dirty minds me! Loved it.


  • It was all in YOUR mind

  • unfortunately the way the wall loads when I click on a post, it zooms to the bottom of the page and I have to zoom back up, so saw the answer before the start, next time I will close my eyes whilst zooming, lol

    But yes a great joke even knowing the answer.


  • Hi Peta, just click on an arrow at the bottom of the post and you get the oldest replies first...I had to ask about this in the beginning

  • Thanks for that knitter

  • Thank you.



  • Thank you anyway

  • For a while there I thought I'd strayed off site

  • Naughty boy!

  • Hahahaha now that's a cracker Richard - do you need formaldihyde for that pesky mossie? :) xx

  • She just left on her own

  • She just left on her own

  • Wondered what I was reading for a moment,blush blush,!!!

  • You put your blusher bon Eh Wendells

  • Oh my I didn't realise I had such a filthy mind!!! blush and lol! :D XXX

  • I will not comment on your state of mind huffer !

  • Excellent ! :)

  • Cheers PMD

  • hehehehe!!! - going to wash my mind :D :D LOL

    thanks Richard

    Anna xx

  • Sterile water required Anna xxx

  • Ooooo er, King, yu made me feel a few shades short of fifty there for a moment. Hilarious :-) :-) :-) Alison

  • Well said Alison

  • Reaching for my Tenna Lady

  • I have taken shares with Tena Lady,going to be a millionaire

  • LOL thanks have missed these xx

  • More to come, don't panic undine

  • Welcome back Undine. xx

  • Thanks Psorias sorry have not taken challenges on King either - Mum fell broke her hip about 2 and half weeks ago, had op out of hospital but cannot walk for month so have been and still am very very busy nursing her - and very tired but oh well - she is getting on ok but still not eating enough anyway will be in touch sometime xx

  • Take care of yourself as well.


  • Thank you know I should/must but it is hard.

  • Sorry to hear about your mum's dilemma, I hope you are getting some help for her and not having to care for her all on your own.


  • oh your poor mum and it sounds hard work for you. I know you had not been on king (i checked) lol - I do hope your mum recovers as quick as possible. Peta is right, you must take time to rest yourself.

    Anna xx

  • Thanks actually showered and washed my hair today first time in about 10 days what with my hairy legs as well which I hadn't noticed must have looked and smelt like a mountain gorilla lol xx

  • Thanks KOTC on my own I'm afraid - that why I could really do with some jokes ......xx

  • KOTC, Thanks for this one year would be funnier if I was not nursing a recent ravishing, and the marks are not so faint! What is going on? It is December, I stay clothed and inside, and the weather is miserable. I cannot work out where they are coming from! We keep bath plugs in at night etc. Anyone got any ideas?


  • King I will never forget you!!! You were the king of kings :)

  • Same here Tony. Still miss Lynne, Chris and Julie too. . . RIP Richard, KOTC

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