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BLF Active and Family, friends and carers update


After almost 2 years working on the BLF Active and Family, friends and carers projects the time has come for me to move on and I am leaving the BLF this week.

The BLF will continue to support family, friends and carers throughout all their activities. Remember to use this webcommunity to support each other as well as referring to the Looking after someone with lung disease publication and info on the website:

As for exercise, we've now got some very comprehensive information on how to access appropriate exercise on the exercise webpages. Make sure you download the information sheet on the right hand side as well.

My role will be replaced in the Autumn so watch this space!

This webcommunity has been a fantastic resource in itself for people looking at getting active.

Many thanks for all your positive responses to my posts, polls and questions. Keep supporting the BLF and each other!

All the best to everyone,

Katie (BLF)

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The very best of luck for the future Katie and many thanks for all you have done to help us. :-) :-) Alison

Good luck for the future Katie. I hope they can fill your shoes!

Lynne xx

Very best in what ever you have planned next x

May I wish you every success for the future Katie. Thank you for your past efforts and may all your dreams come true.

Bobby xxx


Good Luck Katie - Best wishes for your future. :)

Anna x

Good luck to you Katie and thanks for all the work you have done on BLF. Hope all goes well for you. xxxxxxxxxxx


Good Luck Katie.

Thank you for all your hard work. Good luck in you new path in life xx


All the best to you Katie,

We all have to move on in life. I wish you every success.


My Best wishes to you Katie in whatever you choose to do :-)

Love Luck and Happiness for your future! take care Katie and thank you for all the time you spent with us, hufferpuffer xxxxxx

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