Daily Laughter Thursday

It is with great regret, that due to circumstances beyond my control there will be no Daily Laughter tomorrow. May I suggest that you re read Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as you might of missed something.

It breaks my heart as I feel that I am letting alot of my friends down because they love their little chuckel. Apart from being exhausted I could not concentrate to do them.

Anyway to all have a great Thursday

Breath Easy My Friends

Berwick xxxx

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  • You should have a day off, Berwick, you work lots to send us all those wonderful jokes. So good, I save them for coffee time.

  • Have a long weekend, you deserve it.

    Take care



  • Hope your feeling a bit better soon xxx

  • Take some time out and thanks for our daily humour. I'm sure KOTC will keep us bemused. :)

  • Hi Graeme. Take it easy and relax. Health always comes first.


  • Hi, you take it easy hun, health has to come first so you need a bit of cheering up too, well who doesn't? So take it easy all your true friends understand that you are NOT letting them down, if you need to gather strength to recharge then go for it hun. See you soon. x

  • You're not letting your friends down berwick, you can't keep all those jokes coming just for us if you're not feeling too good. You take it easy.

    Lib x

  • Feel better soon berwick and you are not letting anyone down. Lots of love. xxxxx :)

  • Dear Berwick, just concentrate on getting yourself better. Rest up and relax. All the more jokes when you get back!! xx

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