Proud to be British

What I am about to tell you happened to me tonight and this is a very true story.

I decied to go on line and speak to a BT advisor about changing my provider. One question I asked was do BT do any special deals for OAP's. The answer I got was what is an OAP just lost a customer.

I spoke to my provider and put the same question to them the anser was you will have to take your computer to PG World , I asked why and the reply was to get the OAP repaired.

How disgusting is that. I will not tell you what my reply was just say I was disgusted. BT and SKY you need to retrain your staff.

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Hi Berwick

I can imagine your are fuming ......

tho if you asked my 24yr old son what OAP stood for I doubt he would come up with a sensible answer

.... they (ie call centres/help desks) don't pay a lot and if you pay peanuts you get monkeys, perhaps they had no idea what OAP stood for?

Never under estimate the ignorance of youth .... or call centres

Hope your IT problems get solved soon


Thanks Rips, all I will say not to offend anyone, but where was the call centre. I know but I aint saying. Still mega peeed off.

Unbelievable but I had to smile!! I am grateful if I can understand what is being said, in clear English.

By the way, I am Virgin !!!!

There is no way I am going to reply to that one annie.

Graeme xxx

Have I offended - one has to be careful (sounds like the Queen)

Hi Graeme

Sorry but I did laugh at this, I am 61 so allowed too.

It reminded me of last year when I was booking a room at a hotel for the day my daughter got married, I was booking the room for her and her new husband, I asked the girl on the phone if the room had a four poster, well what a fiasco, she didn't have a clue what I was talking about and had to go and ask her supervisor.

Don't lose faith..................


Hi Graeme

The problem is that half of these help desks are in call centres in Asia. I am with AOL and when we had a problem my wife (never do it yourself) phoned the helpline number. After a half understood conversation she asked to speak to a supervisor because she couldn't follow what the man was saying. The supervisor came on the line and immediately accused her of being a racist. The following conversation was not a pleasant one (this is why you shouldn't do it yourself, women can get much nastier at the drop of a hat) and ended in the supervisor apologising. Our problem was promptly solved. Whenever I buy things now I always ask where the helpline is based. Non UK, no order.

Regards, Bobby

be careful Bobby.................actually where is scrobbs?



Hiya Peta

She's at the back of the bike sheds I presume where I left her. Probably still munching on the choccy I gave her. lol

Bobby xxx

Scrobbs is somewhere in the ether of the web - damn ting is playing up and bumps me off more often than I can stay on, so will reply when I can :( xxx and munching that choccy that Bobby gave me LOL :) xx

good to see you are still around, thought the gremlins had kidnapped you :) :) :)

Hi Bobby

I know foreign call centres are a real pain .... of course we have to ask why are they used?

Oh yes .... because they are cheap and therefore cheaper than paying UK rates, so more profit for the company.

Its is more the fault of the businesses and companies that ship their business abroad than the fault of the foreign non English speakers who are just doing what we all do ... trying to earn a buck

.... this not to reduce the sheer irritation of speaking to someone who is not able to get what I am saying ... my point being ..isn't not them is the ##### companies that employ them that we need to get onto.

They need to pay good wages and pay the out of work here .... it would probably increase our bills but personally so what!!



A lot of companies are bringing the call centres back here. More and more people are getting like me and won't tolerate the foreign based ones.

Bobby xxx

My sister-in-law asked an advisor to speak more slowly as she couldn't understand him (don't think he was based in the UK.........) and he asked if English was her second language!!

I made a calll, and was asked what State I lived in!! The caller was from India.

:) :) :)

Lucky I did not speak to anyone it was done online. Mind you I did tell them what I thought of them Did not miss and hit the wall. But I was nice about it. I think LOL

Graeme xx

Grrrrrrrrr on your behalf - it's so frustrating when you have a problem and it's compounded by someone who you can't understand. :) xx

Yeah I sympathise with you Berwick! I changed my mob from T-mobile to Vodaphone. I found T-mobile very good but got a better deal with Vodaphone. I needed help from them and emailed the support desk. It was a very simple query but they totally misunderstood so I put it in very simple language, point 1, 2 , 3 etc. Again it was misunderstood. I then started getting phone calls from them and I realise the call centre was based in India. I am not racist - I just couldn't understand what they were saying! So I told him that and then someone else rang me and rattled on at a great speed. Again I couldn't understand. So I told them not to call me again and took the phone into my local Vodaphone shop instead. I told them why. They got it sorted... I will probably change when my contract runs out because I need to be able to get help when I need it and it's no good if I cannot understand them and they can't understand me is it?

Bev x

I got the simple solution hypercat, get two phones like I did, well 3 actually as my daughter has one as well. I have a T-mobile contract (been with them for over 4 years) I get unlimited everything and then I also got a Whiteberry (blackberry) on Vodafone as my 16 year old has a blackberry and I wanted to keep my eye on her BBM and to make sure she's safe and her phone was off at bed time. That one is purely only for basic purposes and only costs 13 pound a month anyway. Then you'll always have one to rely on :-) x

Can't afford two phones cuddles! Can barely afford one :d

Bev x

Hi Berwick, pmsl I read your post and you did make me laugh as much as it is a serious matter, it really is just typical of customer care/sales team on the telephone call centers as you say, makes us proud to be British NOT lol.



No, berwick, BT and Sky need to train their staff as they obviously don't have a clue about anything much. Disgusting indeed and luckily we are with neither provider. xxxx

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