COPD and benefits ?

hello I am new to this site came across it while searching the net

i have and have had copd and severe anxiety and depression for the last 10 years 20 years (depression),I presently work part time due to exhaustion and overall health , i am on a number of medications from inhalers to a nebuliser and am feeling life and work getting harder as time goes bye , i am 52 .and constantly short of breathe and have a lot of sleepless nights , . my calfs are constantly in pain and i find it difficult to get about \ walk in my daily life

i was recently told that i could be eligible for some sort of benefits (disability\mobility) but dont know if i am or what benefits to claim , can anyone help clarify if i should or should not get help ,


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  • Hi welcome to the site, under the old regulations you probably would have qualified for DLA of some amount. Now the new PIP regulations are here it is more complex to claim. I would say contact the benefits agency, BLFs helpline or your local citizens advice for help.

  • You should definitely make a claim, based on the anxieties I think you'd be successful (I think) - more often than not a claim is denied first time round so you need to appeal as soon as possible.

    Regarding you finding it harder & harder to move about - a trip to the GP might go down well... as a result of depleted oxygen in your system it can cause something called 'Polycythaemia' (Secondary.) A full blood count will tell. Obviously their are many other causes too. I hope that was helpful and not negative.

  • Hi Glescajohn, welcome on board you can put in for DLA even if you are working you will get refused 1st time this is par for the course, The forms are better filled with the help of the CAB or your local advice shop, If you read some of the posts there are one or two that include depression as it is a Illness, I am sure there will be others with support and advice. Good Luck, Mattcass

  • Hi babe

    I hope you have seen your Doctor about your calf pains you need to get them checked out asap x

  • thanx for all the response so far , Im going to ask for a pip application 2morrow,

    I visit the docs regularly for antidepressants but like a lot of folk they tend to stop working and i end up just living with depression without the doc, i have told him of my calf pains on numerous occasions but never really get any help ( have had calf pains for about 3-4 years ).and never been checked .

    I was on the sick for anxiety/depression but ended up getting a part time job about 3yrs ago (my own accord ) for my own sanity ,tho it can be hard sometimes (life ).I do get a disability premium , but was frightened to apply for

    DLA incase i lost the premium . I have an appointment with the CAB on 5th august ,,

    my medication for copd is

    nebuliser \ salbutamol 2.5mg...spiriva\symbicort\Terbutaline\Mucodyne

    I dont know if this is alot (tho it seems , to me ,it is )

  • Hi Glesgajohn, You don't mention what disability premium you get but what ever it is, it shouldn't effect you claiming PiP as it is better know as now. PiP is personal independence payment plan. You may also be eligible for a benefit known as E.S.A which is employment and support allowance, again you can get this in replacement of incapacity benefit as it was once known or sickness and disability benefit. I would go to the job center or you can apply on line. Here is the link, they can be both beneficial to your needs.

    or you can try:

    And here is a link for the new PIP

    Best of luck and I hope to have been of some help to you hun.

    Lynda. x

  • it doesnt say what the premium is for tho i was on sick for depression b4 i stared part time work ,I did try to claim ESA last year when i was on the sick but i was refused it ,thanx for your reply . i phoned for a PIP application today and ws told they dont send them out (you have to write in for them) but they said they would send me out a questionare , dont know what it is tho

  • Hi like you I'm really struggling with not only COPD but anxiety/depression I've only had it a year but suffered with Asthma all my life, walking is nearly impossible I'm on the sick at the moment after having a bad exacasibation but to be honest don't think I can cope with going back to work I have never been on benefits so don't have the faintest idea where to even start, Being on the sick the money is rubbish but what else can I do

    I'm also on loads of medication for my COPD ventalin and symicort inhalers steri-neb nebules for nebuliser uniphylin and mucodyne at at the moment prednisilone as well without the meds for my anxiety and depression. I have an appointment with CAB 6th September I'm at the end of my tether, sleeping in chair for the last 3 weeks and now getting so I don't want to go out my home is my safe haven I also struggle really badly clearing my chest which then makes me really tired I'm sure I'm not alone with these problems but at times it really feels like it

  • hi sorry to hear you have same as me , its not easy and like u I find life getting harder each day , especially with the depression / anxiety , I find that i dont want to go out either and can be in the house for weeks @ a time , i am trying to hold down a part time job for my own sanity and to get me out but its hard very hard, I will post what happens when i have been in for my CAB appointment to let u know, best advice i can give is , try not to let it get u down ( tho i know thats easier said than done ) I can be in my bed for a week at a time and thats not exagerating

  • Jiffy, I too have COPD and got some breathing physio recently which has helped a lot with being able to cough properly. There is a wesite for Bronchiectasis sufferers (also classed as COPD) it has loads of info regarding breathing, meds, etc etc. You can find it at bronchiectasisrus forums. Hope this helps. It has over 2,500 members so we have all the up to date stuff there. Have a look.

  • Hi I can't add to the above but just wanted to say hi and welcome to the site.

    Bev x

  • thanx Bev

  • you can claim employment &support allowance you can also claim personal indepndance this was dla now pip.ihave a very good doctor she gave brilliant doctor she gave brilliant report to dla iwas awarded higher rate mobility.did not get care part. awarded first time.i have copd&pulmonary fibrosis at sever stage I will get care part when iget worse.

  • Hi , is Pulmonary fibrosis a scarring of the lungs ? if so i was send for a CT scan and told that my lungs are scarred , I work part time and think that this is why i dont get ESA

  • yes it is scarring of the lung and it is a progressive diseas I am at sever stage had it 4 years along with copd like me you will get to the stage where you will not be able to should be able to get esa as your disease is progressive and you wont get any better.i also get highest rate mobility as cant walk more than 50 meters without stoping for shortness of breath

  • Get your doctor on your side! One of the many things they check is your doctors opinion. They can make or break your claim.

  • Hi I have a good doctor tho some other doctors in the practice are not so good, so i just hope that its my DOC who answeres the DLA/PIP questionaire . thanx for your reply .

  • Hi I have a good doctor tho some other doctors in the practice are not so good, so i just hope that its my DOC who answeres the DLA/PIP questionaire . thanx for your reply .

  • I am about to go to appeal for ESA I made a claim for DLA and was refused some time back even though DWP told me to. They then told me to claim ESA. But then told me 2 weeks later that they would not pay me as I had not paid NI payment in the last full 2 years It took me 4 months to get the HMRC to agree that I had paid NI and the DWP another month to process it and the pay me with back payments (In the wrong closed account) I had in that time had the assessment and failed. I appealed straight away and 15 months later I will be going to the magistrates courts for my appeal hearing in the next week.I have Pleuresy, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Paralysed Diaphragm,Asthma, Hiatus Hernia, Arthiritis in my Feet, Knees, Spine, Neck and shoulder and to top it off Atrial Fibrillation of which I have had many procedures all of which have failed over time.

  • hi again finally got my pip form through and got an appointment for cab on 26th august , question is , when im asked some questions about mobility and being able to get around , Im not sure what merits being unable to "get around " and help myself , although i may be able to walk 50 meters , i frequently have to stop as i get exhausted and get severe pains in my calf's , and as for do i need help day to day , i do have someone (sister in law ) who cleans my home and goes the shopping twice a week for me , usually due to being exhausted all the time as i usually cant breathe properly , and always feel tired , my depression and anxiety does not help my day to day life either , anyone any help info on this please .thanx

  • Hi yes I don't know whether to apply or not, bit of background history! I have cirrohiss of liver chronic, upper GI bleeds, which they say indicates end stage liver disease, I have had to go on benefits as my husband died last august, and someone told me I could get pips, I applied 6 months ago still waiting for letter to go to a medical, I was diagnosed with COPD yesterday after severe breathing problems for 16 months, they doctors I mean got confused as liver disease can also so cause breathing difficulties, it took several visits I mean more than 20 to get diagnosed and proper treatment with tests to confirm it, petrified to go out, crying with anxiety, I certainly know how everyone here feels, and I gave up smoking 9 years ago I only developed breathing problems last year, so I don't know whether to add this condition to liver disease, as they both are very restricting at times, wondering what anyone else thinks. Angse

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