Tomorrow is a day I hate.

Tomorrow I have to have something I hate more than COPD or anything else I have to do. It only hurts when it's being done which doesn't really take long, it isn't really the doing it is the waiting afterwards, which can be two weeks. What is it? I have to have a mammogram, I had breast cancer fifteen years ago and I am terrified it will come back because I don't think I could cope as well as I did then. Oh well, keep smiling.

Carole x

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Wishing you all the best Carole. I'm sure everything will be fine, but I shall keep everything crossed.

Lynne xx

Wishing you well also Carole and hoping that all will be well. It must be scary for you but stay positive. Thinking of you. xxxxxx

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow Carole, fingers crossed.

polly xx

Hope all goes well tomorrow, Carole.

Jude xx

Hope it goes OK Carole, will keep my fingers crossed xxx


Did you delete some cos I wasn't offended the notification had it all on!

Carol yes I did delete it because I had second thoughts that some might think I was being insensitive and I didn't want to upset you xxx

Fingers crossed hope all goes well tomorrow Carole lol xxx

Good luck but I`m sure you wont need any, you will be fine.

Good luck Carol, hope the two week wait doesn't drag on for you.

Take care


Best wishes, Carole, nice to get it out of the way and have good results. Happy scrabbling, love Annieseed xx

I sent you a request but it disappeared xx

A mystery, Carole. I have to admit to feeling nervous about having a game on line so you will have to hold my hand!!!

Will start another game and the request should come up at the top of your home page if you click on it it should take you to the game xx

Hi Annie, don't expect to win if you play Carole. lol. She is a tough one to beat. x x Ros x x

Think we might be breaking the new rules,, carole. I am ready!!

Think we might be breaking the new rules,, carole. I am ready!!

Annie get on to general chat right now, I'm shocked by your behaviour, lol



Best wishes for tomorrow Carole. You are such a positive person x

The very best positive thoughts going out to you Carole,please try to not be afraid and think of the wonder of modern medicine and how lucky we are to be able to have these tests! let us know how you get on,love huff xxxxx

Hi Carole, I am very sorry to hear of you having the dreaded 'C' some years ago and I will be sending out healing thoughts for you and keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well for you tomorrow and that your results come back as being clear. Best of luck my dear. x


You're not short of courage carol and you've come to the right place for support.

Whatever personal gripes some of us may have my guess is we all put them aside and stand together when one of us is in serious need.

Two weeks of waiting and not knowing when it is of such serious nature is not something I could deal with and stay level headed. We'll be here should you need to rant and look forward to you coming to tell us you're all clear.

Best of luck and all good wishes,


Hi Carole, hope you don't mind me replying, I'm new here and have not 'spoken' to you before ......

I have had a lung cancer scare about 6 months ago, and I know how hard I found the couple of weeks waiting for the Xray results.... thankfully negative!

Try to be positive, the Xray can only help you, it either reassures you that all is well ..... and why shouldn't it be ..... I imagine you check for lumps, so you would already have some idea, and of course X rays also give us the all important early warning that we need if we are ill and can be got better

I know that's all easier said than done.

You will be fine, have faith and be confident.

I will be thinking of you

Rips (Beth) xx

Heck, Good luck Carole.

Who'd be a woman eh! Having your boobs squashed between to plates. I had a scare also,

but thankfully ok. I have to keep going for yearly checks. Sometimes I wish I was a 32AAA and

then they would not find anything to squash.

Pointless me saying try not to worry . . . BUT try not too. We will all be thinking of you.

xx Ros xx

you would NOT like to be 32AA (not going to admit to AAA) because by god they do find something to squash take it from me :(

lol ok 30 AAA :0) xx Ros xx

hi caroleoctober,nice to hear from u.i had a mammagram then went back 2days later for the biopsy needle 5 pows and was done,they took a cluster of calcium out and the last shot was a reference chip they put in,bit awkward really wen there doing it but was ok,pain free,u be fine, think its the waiting wat gets to us,take care

Wishing you all the very best for tomorrow Carole. Be positive. xxx

never mind chin or is that the wrong part .keep smilling girl.

Best of luck Carole. Sending positive vibes for tomorrow. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Alison

We're all routing for you Carole - grit your teeth for tomorrow - you will be in our thoughts :) xx

Wishing you the very best fingers and all crossed. I know what your going through my sister in law went through the same just before xmas. My prayers are with you to give you the strength to get through this.

Big Hugs with lots of love

Berwick xxx

Wishing you the best of luck for tomorrow xx

I shall say a prayer for you that all is well


Thinking of you,stay strong!

Love Wendells xxx

Hoping everything is fine Carole. Breast cancer is a horrible disease. I have been for one or two of them and they don't half hurt! It's like being squeezed in a vice.

bev x

Will keep you in my thoughts Carole, please god all will be well x x x x

Hope al goes well for you, I'm sure it will. I had BC just over 18 months ago and beat the little b****r. I will also be going back for another Mammogram in November, so I can relate to your anxiety. Fingers crossed for you - stay positive!

Meant to add that the BC was a breeze compared to the lung disease I now have - 'woken up' by the chemo according to a few of the specialists! Ho Hum...!

Jean :-)

had mine last week, just got my results letter, called to hospital, appointment next week. Hope yours is OK

Anna xx

Oh dear such a worry, hope it is just a cyst or something simple. Best wishes

Carole xx

thank you Carole, am hoping that too. xx

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