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Persistant Coughing


Last night was one of the most horrendous nights I have had for years.

I spend at least 5 hours sitting on the edge of the bed constantly coughing with no break.

I had the fan on full to keep me cool as I had my oxygen on and the machine which supplies my oxygen pumps out a lot of heat.

Every now and again I tried to put my head down, the dam cough started again.

I dont think for one minute that it was a side effect from my transfusion so I am putting it down to my chest infection.

Even now at 1345 the chest is rumbling away I sound like an old puffer train. Even my lunch went to the birds as I just cannot be bothered to eat and I can tell you that the birds never get my food as I always have a clean plate.

Apart from the cough, rumbling and wheezing from my chest at the moment I an really done out. I know that if I go to bed this dam cough is going to start again.

You all have helped me in the past and I am very grateful for your advice and assistance and I love you all, however my plight to you all my friends is quite simple help me please.

Berwick xxx

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I'm sorry your having such a rough time at the moment. We are all here for you hug xxx

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Appreciated and thanks for the hug berwick xxx

Can't you sleep sitting up berwick, I wish I could help more maybe someone will come along with a suggestion, things do sound quite bad you shouldn't have rumbling and wheezing from your chest, shouldn't you see someone. Hope things get better.

Lib xx


Oh you poor love,that's horrible for you,I do feel for you,& wish I could help.

It doesn't sound right,that you are coughing for so long,I do feel strongly that you should be getting some sort of medical help.You shouldn't be on your own like that,

Gentle hugs to you,

Love Wendells xxx

I had something vaguely similar to your present predicament last October, Graeme. The cough was awful but at least it brought the gunk up bit by bit. I had to sleep propped up on a comfy chair with feet up on a table. Drink as much liquid as you can and if your appetite has gone, try cuppa soups. Inch by inch I mended but I did mend. Much love and a huge hug in the meantime :) xx

Hi, I'm very very sorry you are suffering.

I dont know about the medications if you're severe so all I can offer is keep on with a cool fan on your face and perhaps pat your face with a cloth dopped in cold water from fridge. I'm told - at PR - that the facial nerves are conected to the breathing receptors in your bain.

And acupressure points for the breathing & coughing?

I hope it helps that your friends here will be feeling for you.

Have you asked for medical help yet? Peeg x

It sounds awful berwick and I do feel for you. If Pete has a chest infection he finds it very difficult to lay down and ends up sleeping upright downstairs on the sofa. Not ideal, but he does get some sleep at least. It must be so exhausting for you. Are you on antibiotics? If so, I hope they start working soon for you. Hoping you have a better night tonight. Take care. xxxxxx

Graeme i'm sorry you are having a terrible time coughing all the time, I know what thats like and spent many nights sat upright on the settee just getting a few minutes respite now and then, I tried everything even keeping a bit of bread in my mouth! zube cough sweets used to get me to stop for a little while, a little warm Brandy and water sometimes! these days if I get a cough I vomit so now I don't eat much if I cough. I know this is probably not going to help much but now I tell myself ( my sub-concious mind ) that I am not going to cough and that I will have a decent sleep....and it seems to work oddly enough! Hope you feel better soon,love huffer xxxx

Awe Berwick I'm sorry you had an awful night. You must be shattered. This is all new to me and wish there was some advice I could give. Are you on antibiotics? Hope you feel better soon x

Hi, About your oxygen machine..if it's at all possible move it to a spare room. I don't keep mine in my room because of the heat and noise.

I can't offer any help with your cough,,,as I'm looking for answers myself. I have a cough that just won't go away. Good luck!!


Hello Graeme - I have just read your post and replies and I too am sorry for your suffering. I think you have got some good advice already, but I wanted to let you know how much I am wishing you better. I think sleeping propped up is the best thing to do. You do need to get some rest and give those antibiotics a chance to do their stuff. I wished there was something I could actually do.

Love from Anna xxx

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Thanks anna much appreciated to all who replied.

Thats what you call having friends and what friends are for. I know that I am going through a rough patch at the moment I have just came up the stairs ready to go to bed and the dam cough has started again. Going to put on the oxygen and take the nebuliser. You will never keep me down for long. I am like a bad egg keep bouncing back and laughing

Many Thanks to all

Graeme xxxxx

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Hi Graeme, I had a chest infection last New Year where my chest was very noisy and clogged up. When I lay down the cough started and I just couldn't shift the gunk that was stuck high in my chest. I was on antibiotics but my chest just wouldn't clear.

My GP prescribed a Carbocisteine Capsule which loosend the gunk and enabled me to cough it up. After a few days my chest was easily cleared and the coughing subsided to normal levels. I think mucodyne is another similar medicine that others have used on this site.

See what your GP says as all that coughing isn't good for you.

Best get as far away from your oxy machine as possible, mines downstairs on the end of a very long pipe so I don't have to listen to it or feel its heat. I have another pipe for down stairs when I need it.

I hope you sleep well tonight, I think its going to be a hot one so we will all suffer with you.

Tony. :)

That's the spirit Graeme keep laughing



I am not a medical professional. Mostly adding sleeping sitting upright I roll a towel and place it at the back of my neck to keep my chin slightly elevated. Drink plenty, saline in your nebuliser helps if you can get those ASAP. Carbocistine capsules will help to loosen the gunk, lorazepam will help you to relax.

You sure do have the spirit to handle this but if it gets to the point where it is too much

Get medical attention straight away, if that's 999 so be it.

Best of luck Berwick,



Can't offer any advice Berwick only my sympathy. I couldn't imagine coughing for so long. Must be dreadful. Lots of hugs ((((((Berwick))))))

Bev xx

Dear Berwick, I had a bad cough last winter, nowhere as bad as yours but a friend of mine at PR had. Dreadful cough. My wife makes me a nightcap which Is a mixture of honey, ginger and lemon, mixed in a bender, diluted of course and strained.

I brought a few bottles in for the guy at PR and he said I really helped.

A warm cup full really works.

Hope you feel better soon. Adrian

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Sorry about strange grammar, blinking I pad !! Adrian

Hi berwick, just something thay has really helped me out. Baking soda water. Sounds odd bit let me tell you it works. I'm on oxygen myself and non stopped coughing for months. I learned this tip watching Dr. Oz. Table spoon on baking soda in water...two times a day for two weeks. Tastes horrible but I have not coughed in over twomonths and my lungs are horrible.

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