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I called BLF helpline yesterday, to try to get some more information on my condition. I spoke with a pleasant lady who took some information

from me and told me a nurse would call me this morning. The nurse never called. I understand that they are very busy and I don't like to put them out but it would have been nice to have got some help. Never mind I might try again sometime.

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That's disappointing to hear. I am sure they will be in touch tomorrow. :) xx



Today was an odd day on the Helpline - we only had one nurse on duty (usually there are two)- as the morning progressed she soon had a full list of people to call. She did attempt to call everyone listed - so obviously there was a reason why she couldn't get hold of you. We would never not call anyone. So send me your name by private message and I will check it out for you and certainly ask a nurse to call you tomorrow.




This is a pity as the nurses are lovely. When iplucked up courage and rang, they were all being trained that day so i was disappointed. However, when i refound the courage and rang them, I felt very supported. Please don't be too upset. Problems do occur and they are really good. Hope tomorrow goes well for you. Alison :-)

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