I am unsure if I have COPD

I keep being asked by various doctors and specialist if I have COPD but I cannot get an answer from my own GP.

My O2 at rest in an upright position can be 92/95% but when lying down drops to 80/85% and will drop below 80% with mild exercise very quickly. I do have Pulmonary fibrosis, Pluresy, Asthma and a Paralysed Diaphragm. In the winter months I can be gasping for breath with a 7 step stride to my car.

I also have Atrial Fribulation which was Diagnosed back in 1992 and Repository Failure in 2008 which meant a 32 day stay on ICU 12 days I was on an oscillator and the rest of the time on some other machines to help me breath though the traci they installed.

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  • Hi sorry you have lots going on but think COPD is least of your problems .

    Sounds like you have everything already ... But it all depends on what caused your ling scaring i.e Pulmonary fibrosis

    Heart problems and some meds can cause lung problems ... But there is no doubt you have breathing problems but a would say no you don't have COPD unless you can find cause of initial problems

    Cheers all the best :)

  • I was always off school for bronchitis and the Fibrosis was because the infection in my lungs was so severe it has stripped my outer lining and I can feel my lungs on my ribs chest if I breath deeply. When they put the first drain in they got 3.5 litres of fluid out and then the second it reduced approx 1 litre a day my lungs bled so much at one point I had 6 units of blood infused. I was told my fibrosis was because of the infection and the Oscillator and will not get better and can only deteriorate

  • A think given what you have told me and your history you do have copd and suffering from plastic bronchitis ... Have you been coughing up little rubber balls in you sputon

  • A bit bigger than a pea?

  • Hi

    The only people who can tell you if you have COPD are your doctors - Do you see a lung specialist? Which specialist keeps asking you if you have COPD? They shouldn't be asking you, they should be helping you to find out. So I think you need to go back to your GP and ask to be referred back to a lung specialist - unless you have an appointment coming up soon so you can ask then. But certainly call us at the Helpline - 03000 030 555 - in the meantime.



  • I would agree

  • I am vey sorry to hear of all the health issues you're having to put up with.

    I wish I could help but it's beyond my level of understanding. Why dont you give the helpline a call before 5 pm. They're a mine of information and support. The number is:03000 030 555

    All the best to you. peeg

  • Thank you for the info I will try them.

  • I think good idea to phone the BLF Helpline, you have so much going on, your symptoms could be a combination of things. Referral to a specialising respiratory consultant can determine an exact diagnosis of the lung condition/s you may have. Chronic Bronchitis for instance does come under COPD umbrella. Ask GP for referral to respiratory consultant, mention your 02 levels, these would need to be checked by a medical professional. Initially the GP may want to refer you to be fitted with a monitor for 24 hours to check cardiac / 02 levels.

    Good luck with it all, let us know how you get on.


  • I had a 24 hour heart monitor which showed a low of 35 bpm and high of 169 bpm. It was when I was in for an ablation 5 weeks ago that I was given O2 as it set there alarm off once I went flat before the procedure and they would not take it off me until I went home. They said it was because of my Pulmonary Fibrosis

  • What aee 02 levels. X

  • Not 100% sure what you mean but my O2 dropped below 80% when flat

  • For Suzie - O2 = oxygen xx

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