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??? Am I On The Wrong Page

Hi All, Great to see all the new members coming on board I had to scroll down the page to make sure I was on the right page, And it's great to see they are getting the support and advice they are asking for, as I said that's what we do best and a laugh a joke thrown in for good measure. I'm having some good days for a change every time I have a RA consultation all the aches and pains disappear well this time I took some photographs for proof. Mattcass

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I think there are a lot of new members, matcass, which is really good and welcome to them. Annieseed x

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Hear Hear annieseed you have a nice day, mattcass


Hi there Matt, Glad you are getting some good days, my RA seems to be a bit of a pain in the bum at the moment, but my emphysema is being good to me. Hope you get a long run of good days

:) Anna xx


Hi Anna, let hope it's the meds are kicking in at last you have a nice day, mattcass


Hi MC, 'every picture tells a story don't it', good idea to take evidence with you although I'm sure Fran soon puts em' right if there's any doubt.

Did you have any luck with the video, I found that I had restricted it to friends only and have since changed it to public so it should work now. Give you a laugh anyway.

May every day from now on be a good day.

Tony :)


Hi Tony, Not had a chance to look yet been out walking with Fran had two totally pain free days so we are hoping this RA drug Hydroxy has eventually kicked in I hope so if we control the RA, then the lungs can look after themselves, have a nice afternoon,MC


Hi MC, keep it up as they say '4 miles a day keeps the doctor away', well it beats eating foreign apples anyway. :) . Don't expect to much from my short movie as my commentary is a little poor due to my huffing and puffing and my triple chins get in the way.

Hydroxy sounds hopeful which is good news.



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