What a morning

What a morning

Son phoned me this morning at 6.30 his partner had just started labour, off me and granddad go (they live only 200 yards down the road) plan is hubby babysits while I take them to the hospital.

When I got there she was having a contraction, followed about a min later by another one!

As the hospital is about 20 mins away I said to son you had better phone an ambulance.

Ambulance car arrives with a lovely paramedic, has a quick look and says "we will see who gets here first ambulance or midwife and take it from there" - wrong baby decides he is coming first on the sofa in the living room :)

Beautiful new grandson weighing in at 8lb 6oz mum, dad and grandparents still in shock but he is gorgeous

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Oh he is gorgeous and Congratulations to mum and the family.

Is he her first?

Janet xxx

no mum has 2, dad has 2 and this is their 2nd together, so 6 in all, mad house, all squeezed in a rather small overcrowded house, but they all have loads of fun and most important they are all wanted and loved :)

Oh my goodness, so exciting, he is gorgeous, congratulations! Libby x

Caption for the photo "Why is it so noisy out here? I can't hear myself think".

Oh, he is soooooooo beautiful, congratulations. xx

He is so seriously cute, big congratulations to you, grandad and of course mummy and daddy. :)

anna xx

Congratulations ...you won't forget today in a hurry!

oh what happy news, congratulations to you all. Lovely for him to be born at home with all his family to welcome him.


aw, so cute, congratulations to all.

Congratulations to you and the family Pinkfizz :)

The little lad is looking good :) and didn't he do well!

BC x

Beautiful baby, congratulations to you all.

polly xx

Best laid plans don't normally produce such a delicious bundle - what a delight for all. :) xx

How lovely, what pleasure he will bring.

Lynne xx

Beautiful Pink-Fizz. You've now got a wonderful story to embarrass him with in front of his girlfriends in the future.


How amazing Pink-Fizz and he weighed in at the same weight as Prince George! Let us know when baby has a name and many, many congrats to you and family. Love to all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oh what a beautiful baby,congratulations

Oh isn't he lovely, Pink-Fizz gorgeous little bundle for you all, he makes a beautiful picture.


Congratulations! Pink-Fizz. A newborn baby is a wonderful occasion. Has he a name yet? I think a big thing to find a name that the child will have for the rest of his life. Enjoy !!

Had a lovely family tea, grandma's world famous (as the grandkids call it) Spag Bol.

I picked mummy up in the car, daddy proudly pushed baby up the road with the other kiddies, all fed and watered and dropped back home.

Mum is feeling really good, she has had a nice nap this afternoon, something nearly impossible in a hospital, she said the home birth although unexpected was really nice, much nicer than hospital. mind I think having the paramedic there certainly helped :)

Still undecided on a name although it has narrowed down to a couple now, already everyone call him "the baby with no name" I think that may stick :)

What a perfect baby. You must all be so proud.

You will have to let us know what his name is when it is decided.


Love and hugs



Oh what a beauty!! Congrats to the whole family xxxx

He's so beautiful. You must all be in shock, that's a morning you'll not forget in a hurry. Big congratulations to all.

This is a truly lovely story, baby soooooooo hamson x x x x x

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