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dla have refused me and I went to cab. they told me I have to go to a panel. I have worked all my life (I am 59) and I have never claimed anything in my life. I feel like a criminal because I have copd. to top it all I have been off sick from work since april and am frightened to put my notice in because I am getting a small amount of money from them which is keeping me going thu no help with debts. I am so depressed. I cant pay debts and feel terrible. never been like this before in my life. is there an end to it.

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  • Oh that's not good jacksgirl I am sorry you are having to go through this. It is unfortunately quite common for DLA to turn people down. I would advise you to appeal as quite a lot of decisions are overturned. Your best bet is to ring BLF helpline. They have people there who can help you with this. I know it's not easy but try to keep strong.

    Good luck with it.

    bev x

  • thank you

  • Hi Jacksgirl,

    Young Bev is quite right about going to appeal. Almost half of appeals are allowed which means you will get the money. Keep your chin up and don't let them get you down. I was turned down twice.

    Bobby xxx

  • thank you

  • Hi Jacksgirl.

    I wouldn't be too hasty in putting in your notice. You don't say what you do, but your employer has a duty to 'make reasonable adjustments' to accommodate your condition. Neither do you say how long it has been since diagnosis, if it's recently it'll take a while to find the right combination of medication as well as for it to make a difference.

    I can't advise you on the DLA side of things, I was refused a couple of years ago and took it as a positive that I wasn't that bad. Everyone's different so goodluck with the panel if you go that route.


  • thank you. I a a support worker and work with some people who are in a wheelchair and use a hoist. I cannot go back to work with them. another lady can do things for herself but at the moment I cant look after myself never mind anyone else. I was diagnosed in november

  • Keep trying


  • thank you

  • Hi, I too am 59 and just recently decided not to go back to work again because I cannot manage too. It`s a huge financial lose to me and I`m on the benefits route now I will have to have my esa assessment soon. Some days I worry about it constantly but then other days I feel quite happy and I`m able to cope. They can`t take what I haven`t got! It seems to me that you have to fight to get your rights which isn`t fair.

  • Hi Susie, I was very lucky that my employer let me reduce my days from 5 to 3 and that I took 'early' retirement so I could get my work pension to make up the difference in wages. I don't know much about the benefits system, but it does seem to be that those who need it most are last to get. Of course, it hasn't helped that we no longer get the state pension at 60. I think I'll be nearly 66 before I qualify and I certainly won't be working that long. Here's hoping things work out with the assessment when it comes.

  • Wishing you every success with your ESA assessment Susie. All good wishes BC x

  • hi thanks. I feel like that too. its hard when you have worked all your life and suddenly bang, you don't have the money you used to. I know I will get there but its hard till that happens

  • Hi jacksgirls, don't feel so bad a lot have been refused DLA, I applied twice and was refused twice but I am on full support ESA now, you could apply for ESA and you can still keep your job open. Check with the BLF helpline for further advice on this.

    Stopping work or working part time is an adjustment, but I have had a 10 year adjustment period and I do manage ok financially.

    Try not to worry but do give the helpline a call. 03000 030 555 mon-fri 10am to 5pm

    Best wishes BC

  • I have an appeal for ESA which took 15 months to come though and I have had no benefit at all. My first assessment basically said that because I could lift my arms above my head I was fit for work.

    My O2 at rest in an upright position can be 92/95% but when lying down drops to 80/85% and will drop below 80% with mild exercise very quickly. I do have Pulmonary fibrosis, Pluresy, Asthma and a Paralysed Diaphragm. In the winter months I can be gasping for breath with a 7 step stride to my car.

    I also have Atrial Fribulation which was Diagnosed back in 1992 and had Repository Failure in 2008 which meant a 32 day stay on ICU 12 days I was on an oscillator in a Coma and the rest of the time on some other machines to help me breath though the traci they installed. As a result of my long stay in ICU I now have Arthritis in my Feet, Knees, Neck ,Shoulder and Spine (3 Vertibra collapsed while driving 7 months after due to muscle wastage) I am now forced to sell my home and lost my car as I could not keep up payments.

  • Pity you didn't appeal Offcut, I would chat with the BLF helpline about benefits advice as well as your query on COPD. Good luck with it all and hope things work out for you.

  • I have appealed and the hearing is at the magistrates court in a couple of weeks. I have just spoken to the help line and they have been very helpful and sent some info to so got some reading to do

  • That's great, wishing you good luck on your appeal hearing.

  • thank you

  • I am so sorry for you. my moaning seems unimportant compared to you

  • Hey guys...

    We all have to go through various things in life as a challenge. We have our own problems which we think are pretty bad then we hear of others which puts ours into some sort of perspective. Here we can support one another but that doesn't get Jacksgirl or Offcuts problems resolved.

    In Dec 2004 I had a mental breakdown and a second one in July 2005 It was only when I went through the second one I was referred to the local Mental Health Unit and they in turn got the CAB* involved who literally got all my Benefits for me. In May/June 2006 I had a severe Asthma attack that put me into a coma for eight days. When I got diagnosed with COPD I thought I could apply for the higher rate Mobility but instead had Mobility taken off me altogether because they said I could walk 40metres. I questioned the decision and made a statement that I might well be able to walk the 40metres but it is what happens during that mere 40metres that is important [my driveway is two car lengths from the front door to the pavement and in that short distance I am panicking for breathe] - something the Benefits cannot take into consideration at the initial stages of your application for whatever Benefit it is you are claiming for.

    In a sense because I have the words Mental Health on my Medical Records it has had an influence on all the outcomes with regards to my Benefits. It is such a shame that the CAB* are no longer contracted to work for the Benefits Agency because they knew literally everything and how to word things. Please guys whatever forms you fill in do two things - 1. You can go to the CAB* with the forms (once you have filled the forms in) and ask them just to run through it and see if you have filled the form out correctly and sufficiently and 2. Photocopy/scan everything - I mean everything you fill out before sending it off.

    Whenever you phone these people (the Benefits Agency) always make sure you have in your head what it is you want to say to them, especially if you are adlibbing from your forms because whatever you say, how you behave when talking to them is recorded. Remember it is their job to find any loop hole [or error] in your application to turn your application down. If you have to talk to them try and be in a positive frame of mind (however you feel whatever the mood you are in) because that can be picked up by the person you are talking to. Sadly they are now trained to pick things [the negative things] out and you have to be strong and show them otherwise.

    I know this hasn't resolved Jacksgirl or Offcuts problems but I do hope this might be of some help!

    Kindest regards and good luck


    CAB* - always go to a major CAB office as they will have the correct staff member there who should know what they are looking for [mistakes].

    NB: When you are finally successful [and I believe you guys can be] you will recieve the benefits you have applied for from the date you initiated the enquiry.

  • thank you. am just waiting for reply from them. I also phoned the helpline of blf. about a week and a half ago for guidance and they took my name and phone number and said someone who deals with benefits would phone me back and I am still waiting.

  • Go to appeal, be persistent even though it's hard to make a stand when you are ill. Most of us have been refused before actually getting it so understand how you feel. I personally got nothing until the third time my employer terminated my employment on health grounds. Don't give up work unless you feel you need to. Every best wish and good luck.

  • thank you. I have put an appeal in yesterday. it is really hard going

  • I lost my job last year (got to close to getting a big bonus)


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